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Chi Kung/Personal Power Training™

Personal Power Training™ means you’re not going to take shit from anybody, including yourself.  You will improve your relationships at work, at home, and at play.  When you become the center of your world, everything changes.

My books are selling like hot cakes! Read the comments posted.

The Chi Kung Bible took me 2 years to write and contains everything I have EVER said about Chi Kung. I’ve sold thousands since I finished my book in 1989.

The Chi Kung Bible for $29.95 at:

The Chi Kung Bible in Spanish for $14.95 at:

THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One for $14.95 at:

We, that practice this system, are extremely lucky. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s step-by-step. It’s stimulating. AND, it will keep you young and interested in life as you grow older. You really can have an influence on your situations and surroundings.

The same four basic concepts run throughout all my Chi Kung and Nei Kung practices. Remember, The Mind Training is what matters, not the physical details.

My approach is different from ALL other Tai Chi/Chi Kung/Qigong teachers. Yeah, I teach Tai Chi, but I start where the others in theory, end up, with Chi Kung. Most other teacher’s students NEVER make it to the “internal” part. I’ve believed for 35 years that this is the place to start, not end. Check out my Nei Kung Info!  Read Chapter One of The Nei Kung Bible.

Create your INTERNAL VACUUM immediately!!! This is the biggest secret and most important lesson in ALL of the internal martial arts. Without creating VACUUM ENERGY, everything else you learn and practice is a waste of time. Others rarely talk about it, I teach it! You cannot become “internal” through “external” methods.

It does not matter whether you want to use your Jing for healing yourself and others, maintaining your own mental and spiritual stability, improving your business life, fixing a troubled marriage, or for fighting MMA. Creating your INTERNAL VACUUM should be your first step, PERIOD.

Here are the principles from my Chi Kung/Qigong System! Condense, circulate, and project. These principles are unique to Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong. Others talk about “Chi Circulations,” but I specialize in it. I am the only teacher in America that uses this approach. Read Chapter One of The Nei Kung Bible.

You do NOT need any Tai Chi experience to cultivate your Jing. Start with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong or take Personal Power Training™.

Opportunity is knocking! This is the most effective self-esteem (DESERVINGNESS) workshop in the world. Just read my testimonials. Do you deserve to be there? If you Enroll and Pay for the April PPT™, you can immediately go through the Chi Kung/Qigong DVD in my office, so you can start immediately get a grip and practice The 28 Minute Daily Practice Routine with my DVD or I can send you my Chi Kung/Qigong DVD Program for an extra $250.

Here is your opportunity!!! Learn my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong System in ONE Weekend and leave with a Daily Practice DVD (included). The group will be kept to a manageable size, so ENROLL NOW. The topics will be based on who’s in the room. The workshop will be FUN with dramatic, permanent, and measureable results.

Don’t miss your opportunity to become the best you can become. Tuition is $1,000 per person or $1,500 per couple.

PPT™ is the most effective method for creating change in the world. (I hired a consultant to name my work in 1986 after I had been doing it for 13 years. Tony Robbins took the names and concepts in October 1987 via Doug Carter.) Tony Robbins copied me. Find out why.

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong as taught in The PERSONAL POWER TRAINING™ was created in 1983 by me after many years and thousands of hours of personal practice.

Previous experience is NOT required to learn and perfect the techniques in Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong. This system was designed for the average person to use immediately.

Thousands of people have experienced the benefits of this work. The name of my Chi Kung/Qigong DVD Instruction Program is “Flexing The Muscle Of Your WILL.” It will take you only THREE HOURS to complete and you will never need to take another Chi Kung/Qigong class again. This is THE REAL deal. You should learn Chi Kung/Qigong BEFORE you begin my Tai Chi system.

I am not only an accomplished Tai Chi Master and martial artist but also a well-known healer. I use my Chi Kung/Qigong internal energy mastery to help others heal themselves.

This “healing energy” can be passed from me to another so they can borrow my healing energy for your own personal purpose.

Most people use this healing energy to relieve pain, develop a stronger WILL, circulate energy, strengthen their immune systems and give up past traumas that have been stored in their bodies.

In 1987, I discovered where in the body these emotional traumas are stored in the body. I call this “Emotional Liposuction™” I became well-known for my energy transfer abilities and will clearly and definitively demonstrate this skill upon request.

I am an author. I finished writing my first book in 1990 (Published in Spanish, DOWNLOADS). This book entitled, Mastering Personal Power (The Chi Kung Bible) is available on-line for free (MEDIA/ARTICLES) and now I include it with my workshop.

As one of my clients has said in my first book “The Clyman System is The Coca Cola of Chi Kung, An American Original, The Real Thing.”

Personal Power Training™

The purpose of The Personal Power Training™ (PPT™) is to give people the structure that supports achieving their specific goals and objectives. The PPT™ is designed to give people the ability to focus on a problem, visualize the solution, and go in a direct line to bring about the necessary change.

I have been a “life coach” long before it became hip. People fly in from all around the world to get fixed by me. PPT™ is a very serious and effective way to create dramatic, important life changes… changes that really matter! Check the list. PPT™ is NOT psychotherapy. It’s much better.

I have had over 50 therapists as clients (all degrees). You will have very specific homework assignments and practices to do on a daily basis that are designed to support your new traits. PPT™ is worth 10 times what I charge. Read on…

Benefits You Will Receive from Personal Power Training™

1. Elimination of Negative Underlying Belief Systems
2. Improved work efficiency & effectiveness
3. Reduced negative habits and recurring patterns
4. Choices of new positive personality traits
5. Permanent Life-Change Results
6. Improved levels of vitality & aliveness
7. More consistency & eliminate procrastination
8. Instruction in a complete energy cultivation system
9. Lengthened concentration span & abilities
10. Improved communication skills
11. Heightened levels of physical presence & awareness
12. Strengthened WILL & clearer direction in life
13. Increased decision making capabilities
14. Improved relationships with yourself & others
15. Strengthened negotiation skills & abilities
16. Less need for sleep & reduced fatigue
17. More prosperity & financial abundance
18. Increased levels of commitment with happiness
19. Improved organization & follow through skills
20. More energy & fun in your life

Chi Kung/Qigong/Personal Power Training™ is Available in 5 Different Formats:

1. 2-Day Private Intensive (your choice of any 2 days)
2. Group Weekend Workshop given 4 times a year
3. Private 8-Session Program
4. Group 8-Session Program (Not Available)
5. Chi Kung DVD Instruction Program

Enroll NOW! There is limited space to guarantee personal attention.

Feel what it feels like to be a WINNER. Learn to “act as if the end result exists before you have any physical evidence of it.”

Personal Power Training™ will give you tools to change your life, PERFECT TOOLS. Don’t miss your big chance!

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