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Chi Kung, Jing Treatments, & Personal Power Training Testimonials

I considered separating these testimonials into categories, but realized they cover all the bases. I look forward to helping you change your life. E-mail me your testimonial and I will post it here. GJC

(Including a letter from a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patient, President of National Qigong Assn.)


“In 1981, I witnessed Gary Clyman request Grandmaster Ch’ang Tung Sheng to hit him so he could reality test his Gold Bell Training. He was hit 6 times and kept smiling. He is the only person I ever saw brave enough to do that.”

– Dr. Chi-Hsiu “Daniel” Weng Ph.D.,
Founder, United States Shuai Chiao Assn.,
9th Degree Black Belt

“I have been practicing Tidal Wave Chi-Kung for three months and already I have experienced progress far beyond my initial expectations. By practicing this program you will blow open your mind to the limitless potential chi-kung has to offer, and feel humbled that your understanding of the workings of your own body had been previously completely hidden from you.”

– Jamil

“I believe I found the advertisement for Gary’s Nei Kung Bible in Inside Kung Fu Magazine and out of curiosity, I scoped it out via his website and was surprised to see that it was quite expensive. I found myself going to his website repeatedly and was intrigued by the Emotional Liposuction Treatment. I contacted him and had some quite informative and amusing conversations. I had the emo-suction, as I refer to it, and was astounded at the experience. It was very taxing to say the least, but also incredibly freeing at the same time. I would recommend this to anyone!

The after-effects were significant and subtle. I asked to see the Nei Kung Bible and was shocked by its sheer beauty and preciseness. It is gorgeous! All the info is in the Nei Kung Bible. Buy it. It is an absolute treasure… pure gold! Also, get the Emotional Liposuction Treatment. It will allow you to change your life. Thank you, Gary… You are a gas to be around.” Robert L.

“My association and friendship with Gary began in 1982. From the start, I was amazed by his openness and willingness to share his knowledge. He is extremely confident in his ability and knowledge as a martial artists and I learned it came from nearly 6-10 hours of practice a day for many years. After he learned what he could from Temple Style Tai Chi Ch’uan, he opened his store front school and began teaching “full time.” He continued to practice his skills and increased his own knowledge.

He systematized his material even more to make learning easier. About a year and a half after I met him, he decided to teach the meditation aspects of Tai Chi as a separate entity.

At first, it was a reasonably presented system of Chi Kung. Since then, he has evolved a highly specific, non-traditional program of Chi Kung as it applied to “the Central Being” of the student.

This he trade marked as PERSONAL POWER TRAINING™.

Personal Power Training and its applications to students is completely different, yet includes all the Chi Kung principles. Gary has taken all his knowledge and practice and created something new and unique. Its scope goes beyond the martial arts and enters areas of Chinese medicine and specialty nutrition. Each application varies with the individual.

It is a system founded in centuries old knowledge of the body brought into the present for use by anyone, not just a martial arts expert.”

– Charles Traxler,
Chicago suburb

“I met Gary when I was seeking a practice partner and immediately became his student after a short pushing hands session. I’ve had many Tai Chi Ch’uan teachers since I began studying in 1977. Gary’s instruction excels them all because of his attention to detail and his quality control. His enthusiasm overrides the challenge of his classes where you will learn “The Real Thing.” students learn the root, application, methods of practice and many variations.

The form is broken down into individual pieces instead of the usual sequential method. A student of Gary’s will have strong foundation on which to build. Temple Style is the most practical style for students who want all of the health, meditation, and self-defense benefits for which Tai Chi is famous.

Gary has removed the shroud of mystery and worked hard to save his students from making mistakes. This will save you tremendous amounts of time and energy.

He is frank and to-the-point. I am thankful for the opportunity to study with Gary, a true Master of his art.”

– David F. Thompson Brookline, MA

A Letter From a Recovered Chronic Fatigue Patient (CFIDS)

“I am writing this letter as an endorsement of Gary Clyman’s Personal Power Training™ system. I hope my story will be useful and relevant for those considering learning from Gary.

In 1989 I had been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) for over three years. I found that diet seemed to affect my energy level. As I experimented with systematically eliminating food, I ended up subsisting on rice and a small variety of green vegetables.

I felt as though I was starving, but when I went off my diet I experienced immediate fatigue, mental dullness, mild joint pain and a skin rash. However, with this severe diet and meditation practice I was able to survive.

I heard about Gary Clyman from a friend who practiced Tai Chi. Gary was described as a “Master of Tai Chi” who could revitalize his clients in just one weekend. I called Gary who sent me a demonstration tape that had to do more with martial arts than CFIDS, but I could understand from watching the tremendous power of his Tai Chi that he certainly knew about cultivating and utilizing “chi,” or body energy.

After several phone calls to Gary’s former students I was still skeptical but persuaded enough to travel from Charlottesville, Virginia to Chicago to pay Mr. Clyman an exorbitant fee to see if he had anything to offer. You must know from my telling of this story and that I was desperate.

I had tried homeopathy, intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatments, aerobics, diets, fasts, meditation, NLP, psychotherapy, hypnosis, intestinal parasite treatments, prayer, and systematic elimination of life stressors to name the most memorable cures. On the plane to Chicago I felt as though visiting Gary would only add another expensive wild goose to the growing flock I had chased.

With his glasses and closely cropped hair Gary looked like somebody’s accountant wearing a Tai Chi uniform. He seemed inordinately confident and happy. He listened with polite interest as I told him every detail that I thought might help him put the CFIDS puzzle together. He assured me that I would be better by the end of the weekend, and somewhere inside my brain I saw a wild goose flying into the sunset with my hard earned dollars.

As it turned out Gary was right. I was cured by the end of the weekend. Gary cajoled me into eating chocolate ice cream after lunch on Sunday. I sat in disbelief as the fatigue that had always so fiercely and immediately over powered me failed to show up. Two years later I still practice what Gary showed me. I had occasional mild relapses when I let stress build too high, but Gary’s Chi Kung practice always brought me back to balance.

My energy increased month by month, and my daily practice became a dependable friend.

If you are considering Gary Clyman’s Personal Power Training™, I hope this letter has helped. If you have already enrolled or purchased the program, so much the better. I wish you abundant health and prosperity on a lifetime adventure.”

Stephen Josephs Ed. D., National Chi Kung Association

Perspective by Doug Carter

“When I first realized that I had an opportunity to write a forward for Gary Clyman’s new book, I found myself thinking back on when I first heard about him. I was conducting an instructor training conference for a well-known international training company. One of the instructor candidates was an assistant Attorney General for the State of Oregon.

One day he and I began discussing how people become energized, that is “full of energy, excitement and personal power.” After a few minutes, the candidate looked at me and said, “Doug, you’ve just got to meet Gary!,” and so I asked him, “Gary who?” He said, “Gary Clyman,” and I replied, “So, who’s Gary Clyman?” Little did I recognize at the time how difficult it would be for anyone to describe who Gary Clyman is, or what he does.

Because as he so succinctly put it on numerous occasions, “I’m not who you think I am. This isn’t what you think it is, and it’s different than anything you’ve ever seen, so don’t try to put it in a box.” Based on the trust and respect I had for my instructor candidate, I agreed to attend a weekend seminar.

Many of the things that occurred that weekend are in this book. You’ll read about Gaye and her miscarriage, and about the ex-Green Beret and his pent up guilt about leaving a young soldier along a dike in Viet Nam. You’ll have an opportunity to discover a lot about yourself and how you react in the world around you. And if you’re open enough, you’ll discover techniques, and ways for you to begin the process of “breaking out” of some of the bonds that are holding you back from really being who you want to be.

All I can suggest is, that you realize that what is in this book and what Gary does is unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen or heard, although similar to many things, but it’s definitely different than anything you’ve ever experienced.

In order to really understand all the implications… You’ve just got to meet Gary!”

Doug Carter, San Diego, CA

Perspective by Gary Whitley, D.C.

“I first became acquainted with Gary Clyman in 1980, when he became a distributor of the nutritional formulas that I and Dr. Lamar Rosquist formulated. Gary became interested and then got very excited about determining his “own” nutritional needs. He became fascinated with the uniqueness of our formulations and the results that he was getting for himself. He began testing his friends and clients and got them on the formulas and they too were getting great results.

Over the next few years, Gary developed quite a following of people who were looking for “better health.” But this is not where Gary Clyman’s greatest talent lies, for Gary Clyman is a very gifted Master in the arts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. This is where the “true genius” of Gary Clyman really lies.

Through his discipline of the past 15 years that he has been studying and practicing the ancient arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung, he has developed an incredible insight into the positive and negative energy flows that people express through their behavior patterns. Gary can talk to you for a few minutes and through “listening and observing” how you communicate with him, he can determine your negative behavior patterns that you are totally unaware of.

By helping you to recognize these negative patterns that you have adopted, he can help you in all aspects of your life.

He then teaches you the art of Chi Kung or “Energy Cultivation” which provides The Power through increased personal energy to make a clear break from the negative behavior patterns that may be holding you back from living a total and successful life. I went through this experience with Gary when I attended his Personal Power Training which he taught in Portland, Oregon about 2 years ago (1987).

The reason I went to his seminar was to learn to become a better public speaker. I found out that my problem related to public speaking was locked up in “self-defeating patterns” of behavior that had become so ingrained that I wasn’t even aware I had them. I hope this makes sense to you, it certainly did to me.

During the seminar, I was asked to tell the group why I came and what I wanted to get out of it. While I was expressing myself, Gary was able to pinpoint behavior patterns that I was using that were negative and self-defeating and pointed them out to me and the group. It was a very uneasy feeling to be put on the spot at the time, but it was extremely rewarding for me. Since then, I have dropped those “negative patterns” and have become a much better communicator with the people I speak to and more importantly, with myself.

Thank you Gary Clyman for your talent in this very important area of “The Human Experience,” which so many of us don’t know how to access by ourselves, but so deeply need.

Gary Clyman sent me a copy of his book entitled “Beyond Self-Help: Mastering Personal Power.” I have been very excited about the possibilities that it will open up for thousands of people just like me, who can benefit from the “truths” that Gary teaches. This book contains some of “The Secrets of the Universe” and I would exhort you to read this material with an open heart and mind and to practice the principles taught within its covers. In so doing, you can become a “Master of Personal Power” in your own personal life.

I love you Gary, for the person you are and for the great contribution that you are making to mankind by providing a book such as this for our use. GOD has and will continue to bless you abundantly for your years of dedicated service to humanity and your sincere desire to help others to have a more meaningful life experience.”

Gary Whitley D.C., S.L.C., UT

Perspective by Joseph Laronge

“If I could talk about Chi Kung I would like to relate to you an incident in which I found, in a way that I think was representative of the way Chi Kung has helped me in my law practice.

It was the fall of 1987 and I found myself sitting at a trial table. I was in the 4th week of a month long trial. In fact, it was the longest trial of my career. It had been brutal. I was up against 3 other lawyers just by myself. They really had a strategy for trying to wear me down, before we got to the trial. About 3 weeks before, they just hit me with tons of papers that required responses, answers, and a lot of attention so that I would lose some footing and some momentum in approaching the trial. As the things moved along, it was really a battle of wits and endurance.

On the last day of the 4th week of trial, I had a particularly troublesome “expert” witness. He was a Doctor of Finance from the East coast and was really sharp.

It was a cross examination of their witness. It was funny. I stood up. I was about to start this tense cross examination. I picked up this water pitcher from the table I was using. You could just cut the air with a knife. I mean, it had been that way the whole trial because there were 10 million dollars in question. You could imagine people were pretty tense.

So I picked up the water pitcher and I went to pour the water. The table was just filled with all these detailed notes and all that. The cap fell right off of the pitcher and all the water just poured all over the table… you know right in front of me and on my lap. Well the other side started laughing and it was kind of humorous.

What I found very interesting was, it didn’t throw me at all. You know, I had spent the whole trial practicing the things I had been training in in Chi Kung. Every night I would be “Condensing,” channeling my energy and in fact, one of the best things I was doing was taking the assaults that the other attorneys were throwing at me and using them.

You know, I could absorb what they were doing and channel it for my own purposes. So when this happened and the water fell all over the papers in this tense incident, I just laughed like everyone else and was really relaxed. I just took the “add humor” of it that I was getting from the other side and just churned it into being even more effective in the cross examination.

I could almost just feel it condensing into my bones and saying “I’m going to sink this down into my Tan Tien, put it into the Earth, and send it send it back out, the way I want it to be.” Well, it worked just that way. I was very effective against their “expert” witness. I mean, they were shaking their heads. They could not believe the way things were going.

When the trial was over, I knew that I had done what I needed to do. I had kept my endurance. I had been sharp and quick and never really lost a step. I would attribute a lot of that to the mental, physical, and emotional stamina that I got from practicing Chi Kung and of course, also to my many years of Tai Chi which act as a foundation that gives my Chi Kung a place to blossom. So, it was a really enjoyable experience to see it in action.

GJC: Please explain a little bit about what does Chi Kung mean to you? It’s not just meditation.

JAL: I think that’s an interesting question. You know, many years ago, in my 20’s, I had come across some of the Eastern philosophies, and although I had trained in the martial arts for many years, meditation was very new to me then. It was not Chi Kung or the other things that I had practiced then.

I had found that while it was restful, it was more “up in my head.” It wasn’t something concrete, that I could actually use or do something with. With Chi Kung, when you really feel yourself getting control of parts of yourself, first of all, you didn’t even know exists and secondly, didn’t believe you could ever have a handle on, you begin to feel a sense of “POWER,” and also a sense of connection to things outside of yourself.

Instead of alienating and separating you from other people and things, I think it connects you to “The Source” in a way that you can feel your own individuality, at the same time feeling part of the system as a whole. And that’s very empowering.

Chi Kung opens you up a lot of options you didn’t even know were available before you begin to realize that your capacities as a person were really limited by your own belief systems. As those belief systems change because you see the growth from your practice, what you can do sometimes feels limitless. I mean your rational mind knows perhaps this is not so, but usually when you’re practicing and trying to accelerate your energy beyond the speed of light, and sense some of the things that are happening, and the results that you can produce, you, at least I, get kind of an inner smile inside and say here’s something that’s really worth while. It allows me to make things happen. I would say, “that’s what Chi Kung is.”

Joseph A. Laronge, Salem, OR

Perspective by Gilbert Carroll, M.D.

“I am a physician and a scientist. Consequently, I concern myself primarily with what works and then try to discover how it works. My wife and I first became acquainted with Gary through his Tai Chi class.

After 9 months of Tai Chi, my wife (also a physician) underwent Gary’s Chi Kung/Personal Power™ Training Workshop. Her increase in vigor, effectiveness, and equanimity were remarkable. Likewise her mood was uplifted generally. The changes were so profound, we refer to it as her “transformation.”

Next I began Personal Power Training. Within 2 weeks, my work seemed less stressful. I found new freshness and beauty in food, art, and music. People became more amusing to me. My sexual interest increased. As my practice continued everyone – even my opponents – seemed to treat me with more respect. Conflicts were resolved more quickly and amicably.

These changes have persisted for months now. I believe they will be maintained indefinitely.

The above is a partial account of what happened. My own ideas regarding the mechanism of how it happened are not important. Suffice it to say, I think the explanation for all of my experiences can be translated from Chinese mysticism into Western formulations based upon biophysics and neurobiology.

Gary has begun to develop an American version of an effective technique for self-improvement based on Tai Chi/Chi Kung. His method has many elements based not only on experience, but also on guess work and intuition. With time, I think he will discard what is ineffective, extraneous, or incorrect, and focus and refine what is effective.

Hopefully more systematic investigation by him and others will continue to develop what he has begun: a new science of coping.”

– Gilbert Carroll M.D.

“Personal Power Training taught me to focus my energy, increase my self-esteem, seed future realities, recognize and develop latent creative abilities, and improve my health/virility. It’s a tool that becomes geometrically more effective the more one develops it. Gary is a fluid, but structured “Master of Practical Life” that unselfishly shares his knowledge and experience; whose enthusiastic attitude is contagious.”

– Larry Michalski, Des Plaines, IL

“Tidal Wave Chi Kung is an unprecedented breakthrough in the world of Internal Power… Others are digging to China with a tea spoon, Clyman puts you on an elevator to your destination!”

Matt Mollica
5th Degree Black Belt
United States Shuai Chiao Assn.
V.P. Shaolin-Tiger Kung Fu Federation
Columbus, OH

“Bringing in the heat and energy has helped my prostate cancer tremendously.”

Ron Lammert, Uvalde, TX

“Gary’s system of Chi Kung has surpassed all my expectations.”

Michael Lipsey, Chicago, IL

“Working with Gary Clyman has given me the ability to focus on a problem, visualize the solution, and go in a direct line to bring about the necessary change.”

Anonymous Bond Trader, Chicago, IL

“Hands On, Transfer of Power is probably the most powerful experience of the psychological catharsis that I’ve ever experienced. Although I do not consider it a tool that everyone should or could use, it is an extremely important and helpful way of releasing accumulated negative emotions, limiting patterns, and psychological blocks.”

“Performed in conjunction with Clyman’s Chi Kung practice, it has proven to be a highly effective method for creating personal change.”

Gunther Weil, Ph.D.
National Chi Kung Association, Aspen, CO

“My self-esteem levels increased immediately. My income and healing ability have doubled within three months of completing PERSONAL POWER TRAINING WEEKEND WORKSHOP. Clyman is a man of his word and true master. PERSONAL POWER TRAINING is an effective method for creating immediate power and success in an individuals life without going through years of counseling.”

Bing F. Lee, Dipl. Ac. (NCCA) & Tai Chi Instructor
Glenwood Springs, CO

“I had heard of Gary several years before I actually met him, and when I saw his ad, I remembered he had come highly recommended several years earlier. His Chi Kung has changed my life dramatically. My questions were completely understood and answered clearly and fully. He is the first one to demystify, simplify, and put it into a practical, usable, safe, and effective form, Chi Kung. I now have a safe and understandable Chi Kung system to work with and my life has dramatically changed for the better by it. This practice makes me feel stronger than I have ever felt. I would say The Clyman System is The Coca Cola of Chi Kung, An American Original, The Real Thing.”

Lou Buscemi, Los Angeles, CA

“Clyman knows how to catalyze things for people, and what it means for their lives. It’s clear to me that love is what has him motivated to focus his life’s energy around ‘setting people free’. Don’t you miss it!”

Robb Murray, Chicago, IL

I personally have increased self-esteem, consciousness, stamina, vitality, dumped more “stuff,” and was able to re-invent myself from the Personal Power Training. I am grateful to Gary Clyman for bringing tremendous awareness to my life, for introducing his work to world, and making a difference, one courageous person at a time.

Emotional Liposuction condenses years of therapy into one treatment. I am grateful to the powers that be that I have met Gary, and for introducing this healing to the world. Sincerely, Laura Ayala

I found your website during one of my health kicks. I am physically fit, but was looking to improve my fitness on the inside.

Personal Power Training was tough and I walked away with tools to get my life under control. The daily practice routine has brought me back to center. Thanks again, Roger Suchy

I love the way the daily practice routine is condensed into 28 minutes. I’ve felt results after just 5 days of training and look forward to see what’s next. Thank you, Kathy Fatta

Thanks again for the Emotional Liposuction treatments. They were incredibly helpful!!! Sincerely, Marcia M.

It was my great fortune to have found Gary Clyman on my first attempt. I credit Gary with saving my life. I know that sounds all dramatic, but it’s true. Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Nei Kung, and especially his Emotional Liposuction have been wonderful tools on my path to healing. I’ve never known this kind of stability and wellness in all my life.

This is the road less traveled and will require some effort on your part, but if you’re willing to do the work, it’s well worth your time. Do yourself a favor. See Gary. John B.

I received one treatment from Gary about two weeks ago and I have noticed a great improvement in my life. I am much more patient and a lot happier. For me this created exactly the shift I was looking for. Linda K., Chicago

I cannot believe my ankle is still improving. After the medical doctors threw me away and told me to get my ankle fused, you saved the day. They still don’t understand how I can even walk (not to mention snowboard!?!?). Keep up the good work dude!! Scott Alm

Gary’s treatment has given me an inner calmness and mental clarity at the same time as giving me back my zest for life, pretty cool stuff! Thank you. Zac Cox DDS

Participating in the Personal Power Training weekend was a great experience. I am more focused and clear about my goals, and watching my life take off has brought me much joy and happiness. – Jean B.

Emotional Liposuction resulted in freeing me of emotional baggage and it helped me regain clarity of focus. I’m operating at a much higher level in all aspects of my life.

After jumping out of a perfectly good airplane… I landed very hard on my tail bone making me unable to comfortably sit in a chair or automobile, let alone ride my motorcycle. I went to the medical doctors… All their tests said that nothing was wrong… But I was still in pain… Gary treated me and within 20 minutes I was back to normal. Gary said it was my internal emotional mechanism that held on to that feeling. – Albert D.

After 7 years of unsuccessful physical therapy, Gary fixed my knee in 15 minutes. He’s the real deal. Nadine W.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could release a lifetime of emotional pain in just one treatment. All I can say, “WOW” for Emotional Liposuction. Thanks Gary! Regards, Mike Albright

I practiced your Chi Kung and within a few minutes I feel fine!! Even happy! I feel better, more focused and productive. It’s been a blessing. Thanks Gary, Lorelle

I’ve been practicing the daily practice routine now for 2 months and the increased level of confidence and inner strength are what I’m liking the most. I love this work as I finally feel a useful direction to channel my energy. I look forward to the cumulative benefits. Your work and accomplishment in this area are really appreciated by me. Thanks, Stephen

Thanks for the Personal Power Training weekend. I believe this weekend will benchmark a day in my life that I will never forget. Good things are going to happen. Many thanks, Gary Day

Hi Gary, I need to thank you for teaching me Chi Kung. I have seen such an increase in my energy in just a few short days. It’s becoming a true blessing to get to know you and your practices. Honorably, Michael M., Indiana

Gary: I had my emotional liposuction session a couple of weeks ago. While the experience was certainly intense and the bruising that resulted a little unnerving, I’m pleased to say that I am experiencing a sense of release.

Thank you for taking for sharing your insights on alternative medicine. I would appreciate the opportunity to talk further and also to come and observe you working with other clients as your approach to healing is fascinating.

I would like to schedule a healing session in a couple of weeks. I will contact you soon to schedule the appointment.

In the meantime. I trust all is well and thank you again for your enthusiasm and unlimited energy! Hope your Power at the Speed of Light is article is getting all the buzz.

Best regards, Nyarai Paweni (zimbabwe)

Gary–Shit, I am alive again!!!! I’d forgotten the feeling. Thank you. See you in July. Matt

Emotional Energy-Power – A great thing happened to me. For the first time in along time I felt my body let go, perk up and dance inside.

It felt like I was giving birth to myself. I spent the weekend at a wonderful empowerment workshop with Gary Clyman. It bypassed my mind and went straight for my body. Zing, tingle bang whoooo, baby! I didn’t realize I was holding so much stored emotional baggage in my body. I did have a lot of abandonment and bitterness. Whoo!

It is good to let go of it. It makes sense every experience you have is stored in your body. You can feel stuck emotionally because your energy is stuck and not circulating in your body due to emotional overload. By the end of the weekend, I felt more powerful, I still do… Eve Brownstone, MA, LCPC Expressive Arts Therapist

Master ‘G’, I want to thank you. I continue to be amazed by the energy of the video and even though my path has been slow and drawn out, I feel stronger when I practice.

I met you through Paul Pancoe in Orange County in the mid to late 90’s. I took the weekend training and have been working off of the video tape for years now … not every day, but days at a time, several times a year. I want to get a fresh tape or DVD, cause I’m afraid this one is finally going to wear out.

What’s the cost?

I was in the training with the blond woman who I believe was a stripper/chemist/or chemical engineer who was having relationship problems with an ex … maybe about a child … or custody of a child??? I think I took the training near the L.A. airport. I hope things worked out for her.

And before I sound too rude, I will ask how you are … though I can see by your website that things have been very good. You continue to grow and share your path with others. You are truly a unique spirit. Let me know about replacing my tape.

You truly do have all my respect. John Michalski, Santa Monica, CA

A Testimonial by William J. Goit L.Ac.

So much has changed in my life since I began working with Gary Clyman; it is truly hard to remember how I used to be. Has it really only been a few months? Unbelievable! At first I learned Chi Kung, then flew to Chicago for Emotional Liposuction a few months later. So when I attended the Personal Power Training a month after that, the transformation within me appeared to be not so obvious. Or maybe, the change in my wife of 26 years was so apparent, I couldn’t see my own. I am not even clear about how two days can change everything, but it has.

I am energetic in a way that feels unstoppable. Others around me cannot help but notice. My practice is exploding and new patients seem to just walk up to me. All of this increased focus and energy has made treating people very dynamic and my touch has become instantaneously healing. I am excited about the everyday challenges that used to feel like problems. This is not a cliche, I am happy, courageous and feel young again. Nobody has what Gary Clyman offer’s abundantly, nobody. Thank-you Gary

Because I Deserve It – A Testimonial by Jenny Goit, San Clemente, California

I have always taken pride in being a self starter. A strong resourceful women others look to for guidance and support. Inside I knew better, lingering doubts never left me alone. My poor self concept was shaped by my past experiences. I could not escape this and have stored this information as an ignored hurt child, and further as a teenage victim of a violent rape. I now know these negative experiences produced strong emotional reactions in my body where I encoded them into my very being. I have built my life around these negative emotional cues and used them as a guide for determining how I lived my life and how I treated others. That negativity determined what information I brought into my life and what experiences I was receptive to, they ruled me. When I struggled with an emotion, the emotion almost always won. No matter how I tried to override these harmful feelings, I failed. For the most part my solution was to shutdown and withdrawal, until now. I am free, and this inspiration is life giving.

The cause of this transformation was one weekend I spent in November in Chicago attending a Personal Power training with Gary Clyman. Although I’m not the one to explain what exactly happened to me during this weekend, I will tell you I received a healing routine know as Emotional Liposuction, that produced in me deep and profound changes. I had become un-enslaved by past detrimental concepts. When I got home the next day I awoke clear headed and full of energy at 3:45 AM with the phrase, Because I deserve – its going through my head like a loudspeaker…I deserve it. I deserve to be a creative, dynamic, powerful leader who is an inspiration to the people around me. The conclusion made me bubbling over happy, and a deep laugh arose in my throat with an uncontrollable smile. I deserve it. The sweet, delightful feeling still lingers. I am free, and am becoming that powerful person I was destined to be. Thank you Gary Clyman.

Gary’s Chi Kung helped me cure bi-polar disorder. His emotional liposuction is the best. It’s kinda fun too. Working with Gary definitely made me tougher. I don’t take any crap from anyone, anymore. It was all definitely worth the money. I really learned self-discipline from the Chi Kung program. I learned how to be proactive in my life instead of reactive. As a result, much more happiness and feeling great everyday. Thanks Gary. Sarah P.

Hey Gary! Chris and I are doing great. We’re married and we have a baby due in less than a month! We won’t be able to make the lecture, but we still tell everyone about how awesome you are. Keep up the good work! Andy

Gary J. Clyman is certainly a diamond in the ruff! If one wants to speed up ones growth, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally, this is THE SYSTEM to do! I personally have achieved more self-esteem, consciousness, stamina, vitality, dumped more “stuff,” and am able to re-invent myself time and time again with the Clyman System. I am constantly changing, becoming the new, improved me.

One has a choice. One can let life teach you, and evolve at a snails pace, unconscious, alike to living in a pinball machine, at the mercy of life. I’ve lived this way. Or, one can choose differently, to try to walk through life conscious. Clyman system provides the tools and know how to do just that. I have never come across anything as powerful, effective, and as life changing as this work. The results are measurable and tangible.

Let’s face it, the unappealing of the onion isn’t pretty. This work is hard, life if hard. The work is painful, life is painful. There is no escape from this. There is NO EASIER AND SOFTER WAY! (trust me, if there was, I would have found it) The quickest way out is THROUGH it, not around it, above it, below it, yet once through the world changes, where beauty and miracles await. Perception shifts and one will never be the same again. I am grateful to Gary J. Clyman for bringing tremendous awareness to my life, for introducing his work to world, and making a difference, one courageous person at a time. Sincerely, Laura Ayala

I have been a student of Gary J. Clyman for the past 8 months, so my children are familiar with him, seeing him in the flesh and on television…still, to my surprise, my 9 yr. old daughter said she wanted a “hands on” (emotional liposuction).

She is a product of a divorced home. Her father was a recovering alcoholic, seeing he relapsed recently, and I, of course, am no saint. Needless to say, she has a little anger in her (I’m being sarcastic, the temper tantrums were something else), along with other issues, I’m sure.

With tears in my eyes, I watched as Gary removed her anger. The changes are remarkable. She no longer goes into a full fledged rage, her anger is more contained. More normal. Her brother even commented on this and was amazed.

She now, to this day, goes to bed on her own and isn’t as “needy” as she was before. I had asked her if she felt different. She looked at me funny as 9 yr olds often do and said “no”. She didn’t have a clue.

Now, she is as we all are a work in progress, but WOW, what an immediate change. Years of therapy condensed into one treatment. And let me tell you that patience isn’t one of my virtues. I am grateful to the powers that be that I have met Gary, and to Gary, for introducing this healing to the world. Sincerely, Laura Ayala

Gary, I found your website during one of my health kicks. I was (am) physically fit on the outside and was looking to improve my fitness on the inside with breathing exercises. I’ve been reading about the benefits of Chi Kung and developing chi for some time and wanted to extend my fitness to the inside. When I read through your website, I realized that I found the real deal, a master. How else could I explain someone that could be so confident, matter of fact and in your face? Surely, I thought this guy must be able to back it up. Little did I know how right my instincts were?

I couldn’t take advantage of any of your programs at that time. I was in a troubled marriage and even worse financially. When the inevitable happened I found myself in the middle of a brutal divorce and eventually an emotional wreck.

As luck would have it I was on a mailing list of yours advertising an up coming Personal Power Training seminar. The timing was perfect since the anti-depressants weren’t doing it for me. I was not keeping up with my responsibilities and life just kept throwing more and more garbage at me with no end in sight. I couldn’t financially afford the seminar but realized I could not afford to miss it.

Thank you. The seminar was tough love and I walked away with tools to get my life back under control. You didn’t stop life from giving me crap; you gave me the tools that allowed me to deal with my life. My daily practice of Chi Kung has brought me back to center. It has allowed me to focus on my issues without feeling overwhelmed or hopeless. Ultimately it has allowed me to focus on me! I’m even feeling normal again, for whatever that means.

So thank you again for not keeping this stuff under the wraps of some ancient Chinese Secret even though it probably is. After 6 months of Chi Kung. I’m now enjoying your Tai Chi program. I thought my legs were in good shape before! I can’t wait to see what else you throw my way. Thanks again, your humble student, Roger Suchy

Thank you for the program, just starting my training. I love the way the program is condensed into 28 minutes and that is absolutely an art for me. I’ve felt results after just 5 days of training and look forward to the Chi Kung Seminar in November. Thank you, Kathy Fatta October, 2006

Thanks again for the treatments. They were incredibly helpful!!! Sincerely, Marcia M

Over 10 years ago I was on my last legs and desperate for answers when a book nearly jumped off the shelf at me while at a used book store. That book was “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”. After reading that book I went in search of a teacher. It was my great fortune to have found Gary Clyman on my first attempt. I have told many people that I credit Gary with saving my life. I know that sounds all dramatic, but it’s true. In my mind the choices were, find a way out of my turmoil or end it. Thankfully, with his help I’m still here and doing fine.

Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Nei Kung, and especially his Emotional Liposuction have been wonderful tools on my path to healing. I’m a hard case and so the path has been long and it continues still, but I’ve never known this kind of stability and wellness in all my life. The best part has been the clarity of mind that I now have. Without the constant anxiety I’m freed me up to finally figure out all the physical issues I’ve suffered from and focus on creating a life.

This is the road less traveled and may require some effort on your part, but if you’re willing to do the work it’s well worth your time. Do yourself a favor and check it out. John B

I have wanted to learn/do Chi Kung for some time, but have been disappointed by books I have seen and a video set I purchased. So, when I heard on TV that an interview with a Chi Kung master was coming up, I watched. It was Gary Clyman and when he talked about emotional liposuction, it sounded like just what I needed. (I have cancer and have wanted to work seriously on removing emotional stuff that is contributing.)

A few days later I called him and after talking a bit and having some hesitation due to the cost, decided to go ahead and schedule a session. He asked where I live (Waukegan) and suggested that I come to the Palatine Whole Foods lecture to learn more and meet him in person. I left work early to make the session and was sufficiently satisfied to not only keep my emotional liposuction appointment, but to also purchase his training tape–a significant cost to me.

I was surprised to later receive a phone call from Barbara Brown and Gary Clyman saying that two of your employees had given a very negative report of the session at the Palatine store–something to the effect that he only talked of himself and did not demonstrate emotional liposuction. My first thought was did they go because they were interested in the topic or because they were required to attend by their employer. (As a long time natural health person and spiritual seeker, I know that a portion of the population has contempt for all such things.)

Gary did speak a lot about his learning/practice history (approx. 30 years and practicing for 6-10 hours a day for something like 8-10 years), but I was pleased to know that this was a serious practitioner–not someone who took a 6-week seminar and is now teaching. While demonstrating Chi Kung, he explained how he shares techniques about the practice of Chi Kung (tightening certain muscles) that others keep secret for many years. He knew immediately why I had felt the video I have disappointing–“all physical, no mental.” (I have felt more effect from the first lesson of his training tape than from the complete program of the other training video I purchased.) He also talked about how he came to discover the process he calls emotional liposuction.

I am puzzled about the employee feedback that he did not demonstrate emotional liposuction. While he did not do a complete session, he asked for volunteers and tested each of the points so that we could feel the difference between those points that had stored stuff and those who didn’t. The pattern of sensitive vs. normal feeling was different for different people. The sensitive points were uncomfortable.

Qi Gong or Chi Kung is not as popular as Tai Chi or Yoga, but I would think that there is a population that would find these lectures interesting and helpful. As with any topic, not everyone will.

I saw the notice in the washroom and it might be helpful to advertise it as Chi Kung and Emotional Liposuction, so people don’t come expecting talk therapy, or thinking they have to be an extreme case of emotional neediness to come.

I would suggest feedback forms so you can get a balanced view of opinions.

Gary has DVD’s of the TV interview I saw and a couple of other lectures. He gave some out at the lecture to those of us who were interested. I would suggest you watch them as a way to become acquainted with how he presents himself. The lecture at Palatine was somewhat different, but it was a very small group and a different setting.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to attend the Palatine Whole Foods lecture. As someone who found going to his Chicago location (and getting really stressed about possibly missing my appointment because I could not find an open parking space) I think offering classes or practice sessions at easy suburban locations would be great.

I hope this additional opinion is helpful. Please feel to contact me if you have any questions or I may be of help. Pat D

I received one treatment from Gary about two weeks ago and I have noticed a great improvement in my life. I have not experienced the levels of stress which I had previously and over all things are much smoother in my life. I am much more patient and a lot happier. For me this created exactly the shift I was looking for. Linda K., Chicago

Hi Gary: Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Thanks! I cannot believe my ankle is still improving. After traditional doctors threw me away and told me to get my ankle fused you saved the day. They still don’t understand how I can even walk (not to mention snowboard!?!?). In fact practicing tai chi/chi kung/nei kung has even fixed old issues like back and neck problems. Keep up the good work dude!! Scott Alm

I flew to Chicago for the Nei Kung training without being skeptical of this program. I was very eager because from all I read from the chikung.com website, I could tell this is what I’ve been expecting to learn. The articles from the Chicago Tribune as well as those written by Gary were impressive. Have a look at those articles, you’ll have the same feeling as I did. Gary’s answers showed his thorough knowledge of the system he’s teaching, and the material, as described, is well organized. Gary even put the very valuable Gold Bell training material on the website.

I’m glad I came to Chicago instead of just buying the program on DVD. What I witnessed was Gary’s enthusiasm for the material, which is very important to me. I really became inspired only by knowing how much effort he put on his practicing as well as training. I also had a chance to attend his treatment for an old man flying from Panama. The video testimonial for this could be found on the website (thanks to Gary’s new camera. It’s a great experience, seeing how Gary was shooting Jing into the mans feet to make him able to walk (he could barely walk before he came).

After three days of training, I could feel the results immediately. My breadth became easier, longer. I also started to feel something condensed in my Dan Tien. I’m writing this testimonial a week after my training, and I’m feeling like a different person, calmer and more energized. My endurance increased greatly; the other day, I played basketball without getting tired at all.

The program costs a lot of money, but I think the benefits it brings are invaluable, of course if you spend time to practice. It’s true how one of Gary’s friends said to me: You’ve made the right decision to fly to Chicago, he’s the real thing.

Gary’s treatment has given me an inner calmness and clarity of mind at the same time as giving me back my zest for life pretty cool stuff! Thank you Gary – Zac Cox DDS

P.S. Do the Nei Kung it will change you and your life, Awesome!!!

Participating in Gary’s Personal Power Training weekend was a great experience. I am more focused and clear about my goals, and watching my life take off has brought me much joy and happiness. – Jean B

Gary’s treatments resulted in freeing me of emotional baggage and it helped me regain clarity of focus. I’m operating at a much higher level in all aspects of my life. LJ

After jumping out of a perfectly good airplane… I landed very hard on my tailbone… Unable to comfortably sit in a chair or automobile, let alone ride my motorcycle. I went to the “so called” medical doctors… They did all their tests and said that nothing was wrong… But I was still in pain… Gary treated me and within 20 minutes I was back to normal. Gary explained that it was my internal emotional mechanism that held on to that feeling. – Albert D

After 7 years of unsuccessful physical therapy, Gary fixed my knee in 15 minutes. He’s the real deal. Nadine

Hi Gary, never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could release a lifetime of emotional pain in just one treatment. All I can say, “WOW.” Thanks Gary! Regards, Mike A

I just keep waiting for more great things to happen before I sit down to write. I’ve been practicing as much as I can and things seem to be changing for me especially in the area of my work. I’ve been projecting and affirming that I will find work that is related to my interests and at least 3 interesting possibilities have come my way. Just think what could happen if I set my mind to doing it daily!!

I have been practicing as much as I can but my kids and home make it hard for me to stay focused. So, I have found that I try to do whatever and wherever I can. For example, coming home from Florida last week I was getting air sick, bored, etc, etc. I started condensing breathing and within a few minutes I felt fine!! Even happy! Whenever I’m waiting for something, (doctors office, dentist, during the kids sports, etc) I do some part of the practice and same thing. I feel better, more focused and productive. Yesterday I went to the Morton Arboretum and sat and watched my kids play. Next thing I know I’m practicing and then really enjoying the day, watching my kids, appreciating things that I don’t always notice. It’s really been a blessing. I’m learning that it is powerful and if you embed it in your day even just small bits of it, you can receive much!!! Thanks Gary, Lorelle

Nei Kung is more mind exercises like the Chi Kung on Steroids! (and then some) tai chi is the physical exercise (or martial art) as Gary says it’s largely physical and only a small amount of mind whereas the nei kung is 100% mind training.

It will change you Dramatically I know it’s expensive, but I know people who have been in tai chi for 20-30 years and they do not know this stuff so I guess you are paying top dollar for top secret info. In other words, you get what you pay for. Cheers, Zac

Hi Gary, I’ve been practicing the daily practice now for 2 months and the increased level of confidence and inner strength are what I’m liking the most. I love this work as I finally feel a useful direction to channel my energy. I look forward to the cumulative benefits. Your work and accomplishment in this area is really appreciated by me. Thanks, Stephen

It’s the guy from Ireland that took about 4 months to pay the full Mind Light Nei Kung fee! It’s been a while but I thought I’d let you know how I’ve been getting on. I’m always meaning to get onto you but months pass by so easily and before you know it they turn into years. I check up on your website from time to time to see what’s been going on. Things seem to have gotten a lot busier for you.

Well I’m still practicing almost on a daily basis. The more time goes by the more consistent I’ve gotten. At the moment I typically practice 2-3 hours a day (usually closer to 3) about 5 days a week. It’s not always the full 5 days but the odd time its more. My routine isn’t as good at weekends but its getting better. This is the way it’s been for about the last year. Before that I’ve had some periods of practicing for a few months and then stopping for a few months.

I haven’t looked at the tapes in ages as I usually do each exercise for 10 to 15 minutes. Any less seems like it’s not enough as otherwise it feels like I’m moving onto the next exercise just when the current one is really beginning to get going. There are a couple of things I changed with the 4 routines as I’ve increased my practice. I know you told me not to change anything but I thought I needed to especially when I practice close to 3 hours. I split the B and C routines into 2 separate practices and I also stand for pushing hands during the daily practice routine otherwise I’ll be in the lotus position for too long.

So my days go something like this.
Day 1 Routine A
Day 2 Daily practice Routine (takes close to 3 hours)
Day 3 2nd half of Routine B (with MCO and Turbo Project just before the voice exercises)
Day 4 1st half of Routine C (up to MCO and I also add in Turbo Projecting)
Day 5 2 half of Routine C with MCO and Turbo Project at the end (so pretty much the same as routine A)
Day 6 Routine D.

My worst periods have been when in a relationship. I haven’t quite gotten the sexual circulations working yet (unless I’m on my own but it’s a lot easier to control then). This is something I badly want but I suppose it just takes time with consistent practice.

The weakest part of my practice is my visualization. Probably to do with the fact that I still have a lot of crap hidden away somewhere. I don’t know the exact reason, there’s just a complete block when I try to visualize which is a pity seeing its one of the most important parts of the system. When doing Turbo Projecting there’s no problem feeling the energy going from my Tan Tien up into the universe but when I try to combine the visualizations it’s just not happening.

Anyway that’s my well overdue update. Can’t believe it’s been nearly 3 years since I went to Chicago. I’d love to hear if you’ve anything to say about my practice or anything else for that matter. All the best, Gordon

Hey Gary I finally did Emotional Lipo on my wife’s friend, she say’s she feels really calm and peaceful now so it had a pretty cool effect EXCELLENT!!

I have lots of people interested but most are too scared to do it.

I’ve also used the pointer on a lady with arthritis in her thumbs… very cool her pain is much better. I did the spinal touch thing on a guy with sciatica again pain much improved. So thanks for your teachings dude. Later, Zac

Gary, thanks again for a great weekend. I believe this weekend will mark or benchmark a day in my life that I will never forget. “Good things are going to happen.” Looking forward to the group practice session.

Yes I know, “practice,” “practice,” “practice” Many thanks, Gary Day

Hi Gary, I need to thank you for teaching me Chi Kung. I have seen such an increase in my energy in just a few short days. I played tennis the other night and noticed my stamina was increased dramatically. Also, I had sex with my wife Monday night and I was more in tune with my body plus I had an organism without an ejaculation (WOW). I hope to be able to teach others how to increase their energy and improve their sexual relations in the future using Chi Kung.

Once again, it is becoming a true blessing to get to know you and your practices. Honorably, Michael, Indiana

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