1. November 3-4, 2012 – $1,000 for one person ($1,500 for two) Order, register and pay at SHOP.
  2. November 3-4, 2012 – $1,000 for one person (Includes ONE Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program.)
  3. Private Eight Session $3,000 – If you are lucky and live here, congratulations.
  4. Private Two-Day Travel $3,000 – Call me to arrange your days.
  5. Private Two-Day, I Travel to you $8,000 – Call me to arrange your days.


Chi Kung/Personal Power Training

  1. Complete Video Instruction DVD Program $800 – This takes 3 hours to complete. Includes 357 Page, Chi Kung Bible. This book includes everything I ever said about Chi Kung.  Order, register and pay at SHOP.  Feel free to call me to discuss your options.


Mind Light Nei Kung Training

  1. Mind Light Nei Kung Group Workshop, Sat. & Sun., June 2013. Rare LIVE workshop! $4,000 for this workshop. Includes Mind Light Nei Kung DVD Program & THE Nei Kung Bible.
  2. Private Two-Day Intensive $7,000 – Call to arrange.
  3. Video Instruction DVD Program $3,450 – A great second choice if you don’t live here.  Takes 3 months to complete. Includes THE Nei Kung Bible!  Order, register and pay at SHOP.  Feel free to call me to discuss your options.


  1. ONE Day of Personal Power Training – Requires an extensive telephone interview.
  2. THREE Days of Mind Light Nei Kung – This is for the serious and focused prospect. The UCP can be done FOUR Days in succession or divided into TWO Weekends, one month apart. Call to arrange.


There are required practices that must be completed BEFORE taking the TWJT Workshop.  Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and Mind Light™ Nei Kung must be done first.  The dates for the TWJT Workshop are July 2013.  Order, register and pay at SHOP.  Feel free to call me to discuss your options.



Since I created my website in 1995, every inspired idea, thought, conversation, argument, and requested explanation has been added to make this a long read. All the videos, audios, and articles are already available at the top of my site.



This is NOT “relax, reduce stress, get sleepy” Chi Kung. This IS “cultivate, wake up, circulate, store, project, and GET JUICED” Chi Kung!


Enroll in the upcoming CHI KUNG/PERSONAL POWER TRAINING and you can have unlimited energy too…

Contact Info: (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244, 131 N. Green St., Chicago, IL 60607

Get treated! Get pain free! Get trained! Get DESERVINGNESS! Get healthy! Get happy! Get MORE successful! Change today!

Emotional Liposuction is the most valuable, effective, efficient treatment money can buy! Just one treatment per person and everybody needs it.

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Eat at Ling’s NEW Triple Crown “Healthy Hong Kong Cuisine” Restaurant at 2217 S. Wentworth Ave., Chicago, 60616. Now open ’till 2AM!

Are you tired, bitchy, depressed, irritated, sleepy, distracted, crabby, worried, easily offended, or just plain crazy? If so, then you need to change the energy flow from OUT of you to IN to you. My Chi Kung practice starts with that.

You can learn Tidal Wave Chi Kung 3 different ways… 1) My Chi Kung DVD Program, 2) the Personal Power Training Workshop, or now, 3) by using THE Nei Kung Bible! Take your pick…

Condensing Breathing, done only 10 minutes a day will reverse your energy flow from OUT to IN. Ten minutes per day is all it takes. Read this upcoming article and “Get Juiced.”

Look for my upcoming Inside Kung Fu article entitled, “Ten Minutes A Day That Will Change Your Life.” It explains Condensing Breathing in detail and will be featured on the cover.

Feel what it feels like to be a WINNER. Learn to “act as if the end result exists before you have any physical evidence of it.”

Personal Power Training will give you tools to change your life, PERFECT TOOLS. Don’t miss your big chance!

Contact Info: (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244, 131 N. Green St., Chicago, IL 60607.

Receive Emotional Liposuction ONCE and get healed. This is the REAL deal!

Do you have Mad Human Disease? Have you been angry thousands of times since you were a kid? You got it! Break your pattern TODAY!

100% have rage or anger or both. 100% have abandonment and nearly 100% have bitterness (self-hatred). I remove it everyday! Let your life change!

Emotional Liposuction treats the emotional cause of what ails everyone (depression, fatigue, joint pain, or just plain old MAD).

That is why I’m so busy helping people get better after only ONE treatment.

Book your flight to DUMP YOUR JUNK! Consider me your “human garbage disposal.” Your life can change too.

Emotional Liposuction will give you the room to create, progress, and soar… you can have the next miracle!

When I suck out your emotional junk, you feel better fast. Call (312) 446-8218 and I will fit you in A.S.A.P. Don’t miss or move your appointment. Other people are waiting for spots! I’ll be there…

I’ve helped thousands of people since 1987. These two articles explain it best! Go to my ARTICLES SECTION.

Go to DOWNLOADS and all my articles.

Emotional Liposuction SINGLE treatment costs $250. This is the best value considering most people only receive ONE treatment. No driving, sitting, waiting, still hurting, or paying. ONE Treatment!

Here’s a list of the physical complaints I dramatically help: Sciatica pain, all back pain, neck pain, acute strains & spasms, whiplash, frozen shoulder syndrome, tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury, muscle cramps, digestive problems, stroke, stop smoking, prostate trouble, and last but now least, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Request your preferred appointment time via e-mail. I treat on Tues., Wed., Fri., & Sat. starting at 2PM.

You can reverse the harmful effects of your Anger/Rage, Bitterness, and Abandonment. Personal Power Training does this and much, much more.

Here are my working definitions: Anger/Rage is being mad or excessively irritated for no apparent reason.

Bitterness is lack of DESERVINGNESS. A history of BAD Decisions.
Abandonment is a feeling of disappointment in people, events, or life in general.

Tidal Wave Chi Kung is designed to repair these problems in 100% of the people who practice.

Register NOW for November’s Personal Power Training and you can go through my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD immediately! You really can change your life quickly! Just practice Tidal Wave Chi Kung watch what happens using The Daily Practice Routine for just 28 minutes a day.

The Personal Power Training includes an Emotional Liposuction treatment in the workshop.

THE Nei Kung Bible is the best thing that’s happened to “Internal Kung Fu” in many years. Get the BONUS offer below!

Feel free to call me 24/7 at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244.
THE Nei Kung Bible is ready to ship. Order yours NOW! Click on my SHOP site.

It contains ALL The Chi Circulations and Jing Producing Exercises from Tidal Wave Chi Kung and Mind Light Nei Kung Program. This is The Only Source for this type of training in America!

Get “The Jing” and project into everything you do! Live with vibration, aliveness, and passion! Reverse depression, sluggishness and many illnesses QUICKLY!

SPECIAL BONUSES! I will include for FREE The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine DVD which is the final version of Tidal Wave Chi Kung system and The New Printing of The Chi Kung Bible which took me 2 years to complete.

The entire Chi Kung system is covered in Chapter TWO of THE Nei Kung Bible.

Everything I ever said is in 357 Page, The Chi Kung Bible. If I said it, I wrote it!

The material in THE Nei Kung Bible has NEVER been available presented this clearly, simply, and so perfectly, ever.

Until now, the only way to learn Mind Light Nei Kung was either PRIVATE instruction ($7,000) or my DVD program ($3,000).

You can now learn the entire Tidal Wave Chi Kung AND Mind Light Nei Kung System for only $1,000! This is THE best deal on the planet. It’s these “Internal” practices that make this Tai Chi “Internal.”

Quit searching for the “good stuff.” You’ve found it! It’s a life long training manual for Internal Kung Fu that’s taken 10 years to produce.

I learned this material in the late 1970’s, practiced long and hard, and began teaching it in 1999. I refined it for YOU…

Just follow directions… It contains NO BORING practices.
Become alive inside. Feel 20 years younger. Become healthier & stronger. Sleep much less. Control your vibration! Get JUICED!

Order THE Nei Kung Bible NOW! This is the ONLY printed program that teaches Nei Kung as an INTENSE complete step-by-step system. Read Chapter One!

Become INTERNAL regardless of what style you’ve done! Masters and novices alike can get Juiced!

This is the ONLY source for this kind of INTERNAL training in America, and maybe the World! You will love it!

Contact me for your special price depending on your status in my system. THE Nei Kung Bible is designed to last you a lifetime. Order yours NOW

Chi Circulations should be the most important concept in the practice of Chi Kung. So why do I appear to be the only teacher in America that focuses the majority of all my instruction on this important aspect.

Others teach relaxation, stress reduction, and other “sleepy” concepts. I don’t! I teach how to ENERGIZE, CONCENTRATE, CIRCULATE, FOCUS, AND HOW TO PROJECT your WILL.

If you don’t like your world the way it is, CHANGE it! The primary reason you don’t have what you want is because you don’t want it enough. My Chi Kung practice will raise your “DESERVINGNESS” levels immediately!

You can never practice “enough,” let alone “too much.” With the right technique, presented in an organized fashion, prioritized so YOU get the most out of all your practice time, you can EXCEL QUICKLY.

All my DVDs are in “real” time. That means, that if I want you to do something for 15 minutes, I am doing it with you for 15 minutes.

If you are dissatisfied with what you’ve already spent and not learned, unhappy with your current circumstances, desire to change what seems impossible to change, want to have more “daily juice,” sparkle in your eyes, make more money, stop feeling bad, release your personal tiger, tired, depressed, or stuck, then I am the perfect teacher for you.

Get rid of that kitty cat! Learn to ROAR!

“Internal Circuitry,” that means, Chi Circulations, is where it’s at. Learn to circulate your Chi at the speed of light and transform your Chi into Jing. This is the “INTERNAL” in “Internal Kung Fu.”

This is exactly what I personally taught word-for-word for over 10 years to each and every client. You will NEVER have to buy another Chi Kung DVD again. You can always find “cheaper.” You will NEVER find “better.” I promise. GJC

If you can follow directions, you can learn from me.

I teach only TWO things, Tidal Wave Chi Kung and Mind Light Nei Kung. Private Nei Kung students are currently being accepted.

My unique Chi Kung System teaches you how to 1) Create your Internal Suction/ Attract, 2) Cultivate/Store, 3) Move/ Circulate, 4) and Project your internal energy.

Register for the July Personal Power Training and learn Chi Kung today!

Attention! The Mind Light Nei Kung Group Workshop requires completion of my Chi Kung Program, first.

Attendance of my Treat With Jing Training Healing Workshop requires completion of BOTH my Chi Kung and Nei Kung Programs, first.

Chi Kung Daily Practice Routine Monthly Group. First Tues., 7-9PM. CK/PPT Grads only.
Nei Kung Monthly Group Practice. Third Tues., 7-9PM. NK Grads only.

Muscle Response Testing (MRT) For Common Daily Nutritonal Deficiencies! Ask your body for instant info. Call!

Long before I was “The EmoLipo Guy,” I was known for my nutrition testing skills. I’ve tested over 10,000 people and successfully recommended specific supplements in order to produce dramatic results.

Common complaints explained: Low energy, fatigue, blood sugar, Candida, aches and pains, low grade cramps, joint trouble, weight issues, detox, skin, immunity, sexual performance, anti-aging, athletic performance, are just some subjects presented. Bring your questions!

EXCISE DARK ENERGY: Do you have dark energy shadowing your every thought?

Bring me your Anger, Bitterness, Fear, Guilt, Rage, Anguish, Sorrow, and Abandonment. Let my office be your dumping ground of your dark energy. You don’t have to carry it any longer.

I’ve got the best hands around. Emotional Liposuction is your answer…

“I am ruthlessly devoted to helping you get better!”

First of all… I’m who I would go to, to get treated. Why would anyone ever consider going anywhere else? Dramatic results, efficient visits, no waiting to get better! Bring it on!

I also “fix” mechanical problems just as fast (low back, hip, shoulder, neck, and extremities) at the same FIRST VISIT.

Here’s the deal… I “fix” you and you send me all of your friends.

FORGET multiple weekly appointments. QUIT talking about your troubles.

TREAT THE SOURCE! One treatment per person.

Do these words describe you? Mad, Angry, Anxious, Depressed, Stuck, Trapped, Tense, Tired, Flat, Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain, or Headaches?

If so, “You’ve got issues in your tissues,” and need to get treated by me TODAY!

Call (800) 782-4244 or (312) 446-8218 and STOP your suffering TODAY!

Why suffer one more day? Call NOW!

Personal Power Training will help YOU become WHO you are destine to become. This is serious!

Why Tidal Wave Chi Kung instead of the others? Good question. From me, you will learn how to cultivate your Chi, circulate it through your body, and then explode it OUT, into your world.

I am the only Chi Kung teacher in America that specializes in Projecting Your WILL. The name of my Chi Kung DVD Program is “Flexing The Muscle Of Your WILL.

Take Personal Power Training and CHANGE YOUR LIFE in one weekend! Raise your DESERVINGNESS! Get what you want!

Personal Power Training is always great! Bring YOUR issues. It will at my Green St. location, 9AM-9PM both days.

Teaching you how to cultivate your Chi is my specialty… not forms, not fighting, not theory, and certainly not talking.

You will NEVER hear me say, “Relax and reduce stress.” In fact, I will RAISE YOUR DESERVINGNESS. Dump your self-hatred.

“The Secret” in action, is what I teach. There’s no secret around here. Ask and get! It is that simple, and it requires only The 28 Minute Daily Practice Routine.

“The days you practice will be MUCH BETTER than the days that you don’t.”

Register now and learn my Chi Kung system immediately, at your most convenient time. Three hours is all it takes and you can practice long BEFORE the workshop begins.

Sign-up NOW for the next Mind Light Nei Kung Group, Dates TBA. Call me at (312) 446-8218.

The Best “Internal Training” in the World is all on DVD, “Training at the Speed of Light.” Create Focus, Intention, and your WILL.

“You can always find cheaper, but you will NEVER find more exciting & dynamic practices.” Gary J. Clyman
Learn to circulate your Chi at the “Speed of Light!” Sound exciting? It is! Begin with my Chi Kung system. All you have to do is just follow directions.

The BIG question… What’s the difference between my Chi Kung & my Nei Kung program? Chi Kung is small and easy and easily fits into your day.

The Chi Kung Daily Practice Routine takes only 28 minutes to do and will never change. I created it right in 1983!

My Nei Kung program is much bigger and much harder. It contains 4 different One-Hour Practice Routines and will remain a daily challenge. Both programs are very exciting.

A testimonial by Joe Vitale! “Gary Clyman is a superman teaching people how to have super powers. I’ve been doing his original Tidal Wave Chi Kung system every morning for six months now. I learned it from his two videos. It takes me only 28 minutes and pumps enough energy into me to light up a small city.

The amazing thing is that his system is so easy that it defies belief. Yet I’ve seen my income nearly triple and I expect it to keep multiplying. I’ve also seen my health and happiness improve and my energy level get so strong that I’ve had to nearly cut out all stimulants like coffee, else I’ll go crazy with all the excess energy surging through me.

Gary’s video training program is so powerful and remarkable that I can’t find words strong enough to describe it. Since it takes only 28 minutes to do, is basically effortless, and yet can dramatically alter a person’s life, I’m surprised he’s charging so little for it. I intend to keep using Gary’s system, and I fully expect to see even bigger and better results.

Anyone who is tired of what they are getting in life—or what they are NOT getting—needs to get Gary Clyman’s video training system and prepare themselves for a radical shift in income, health, relationships, and personal power.

Joe Vitale from “The Secret” Houston TX 77060,”

Call me while you’re on my site 24/7 at (800) 782-4244, (312) 446-8218.

My (Tues., Wed., Fri. & Sat.) Green St. office is at 131 N. Green St., Chicago, 60607.

Personal Power Training is always held at, 131 N. Green St., Chicago, IL 60607! Register NOW and learn Tidal Wave Chi Kung A.S.A.P.

Mind Lightâ„¢ Nei Kung – “A Lifetime of Internal Training in ONE Weekend!”

Mind Light Nei Kung Group Workshop are always AWESOME! Register now to be in the next one.

I’ll teach exactly what you want… TRUE INTERNAL KUNG FU!

It’s filling! Register NOW for the next PERSONAL POWER TRAINING in Chicago, IL.

Everyone asks, “Where do I start?” Tidal Wave Chi Kung Will Bring Out The NEW You! Create your INTENTION!

Everyone wants to be younger, healthier, stronger, more alive and vital, more happy, more powerful, more successful, more balanced (well, maybe), and much more “INTERNAL.”

Here are the nutritional products I like that you can order here!

ORENDA: Anti-Aging Vitality Products, Business & Income Opportunity

Right place, right time, right teacher, and your vibration matters!!! Are YOU ready?

If YOU want to learn how to do Emotional Liposuction, you must complete Tidal Wave Chi Kung and Mind Light Nei King BEFORE attending the Treat With Jing Training Workshop. Start now while there is still time.

Emotional Liposuction removes the emotional component of physical pain. Bring it on!

My approach is different from ALL other Tai Chi teachers. Yeah, I teach Tai Chi, but I start where the others in theory, end up, with Chi Kung. Most students never make it to the “internal” part. I’ve believed for 30 years that this is the place to start, not end.

Create your INTERNAL VACUUM immediately!!! This is the biggest secret and most important lesson in ALL of the internal martial arts. Without your INTERNAL VACUUM, everything else you learn and practice is a waste of time. Others talk about it, I teach it!

It does not matter whether you want to use your Jing for healing yourself and others, maintaining your own mental and spiritual stability, improving your business life, fixing your troubled marriage, or for fighting MMA. Your INTERNAL VACUUM should be your first step, PERIOD.

You do NOT need any Tai Chi experience to cultivate your Jing. Start with Tidal Wave Chi Kung.

I opened my Tai Chi school in 1979 and quickly realized that the old way was “dead.” Nobody would do it. It was too hard and too slow.

The BEST way to learn is Tidal Wave Chi Kung first, Mind Light Nei Kung second, and Temple Style Tai Chi last – if you still want Tai Chi. I have been teaching this way since 1983 and this “reverse method” is responsible for changing the lives of literally thousands.

Don’t waste your time doing it any other way. Everything is waiting for you and it’s all on DVD. Start today! Call me to talk.

Do you want THE BEST Chi Kung on the Planet? Well, you’ve found it, and you CAN be GREAT at it too and it’s all on DVD!!!

This is true, INTERNAL KUNG FU! That means CHI CIRCULATIONS and PROJECTIONS are at the heart of all the Chi Kung and Nei Kung practices. This is the BEST SOURCE for all your internal training, Guaranteed!

I am the only teacher in America that is this organized and inspired to teach this way. I practice exactly what I preach and am exactly as I seem. You can be great and have it all. My practices will raise your DESERVINGNESS. Start now!

Start with Tidal Wave Chi Kung or Mind Light Nei Kung FIRST. Without your INTERNAL VACUUM, the rest is worthless.

Everything in my system starts at the same place, with Tidal Wave Chi Kung. Regardless of whether you want to be a healer, a fighter, or a serious Tai Chi practitioner, you start with my Chi Kung program.

Even if you are already a Tai Chi Master, you still begin at the same place if you want to have what I have. The “old way” is just not practical anymore. It requires too much time and life is just too busy and too fast.

I have organized everything you will ever need to learn to succeed in your INTERNAL WORK. Your ability will be based on your ability to follow my directions, that’s all.

Call me to discuss your particular goals and which skill sets are best for your personal progress. Everything is teachable!

The martial art applications come from my Chi Kung and Nei Kung. I am considering making some new “fighting training” videos.

My system is called CLOSE ENCOUNTERS TRAINING. Bouncing off punches is unique to my system. That means, GOLD BELL TRAINING.

I am the Life Coach of Life Coaches and have been way before it became fashionable.

It is all on DVD/Video except for the Treat With Jing Training which I teach every summer in Chicago. I look forward to having you as a student.

I am sorry for all the time you have already wasted with boring, disorganized, and scatter brained Chi Kung lectures, books, and classes. It won’t happen here. GJ

ROAD TRIPS! If you need me to travel to you for the Private PPT or my special treatment, let me know… If you want to get on my TRAVEL E-MAIL LIST, e-mail me your address and nearest LARGE city and I will notify you when I travel. Call my cell at (312) 446-8218.

CHI KUNG (QIGONG) NEI KUNG TEMPLE STYLE TAI CHI PERSONAL POWER TRAINING (Practicing since 1974. Treating since 1976. On-line since 1995.) You want amazing? You’ve come to the right place. Come get your SERIOUS and EXCITING RESULTS!

“I am now accepting PRIVATE PERSONAL POWER TRAINING clients.” Changing your life begins by calling me, now!

Fly in, get fixed, fly out! It’s that easy. No hotel required. This happens weekly.

Conditions I dramatically help: Mad Human Disease, headaches, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, stroke, panic attacks, back pain, neck pain, neuropathy, and bad knees. Come get fixed. I have the best hands in the Chicago area. Test me! I dare you…

DUMP YOUR EMOTIONAL JUNK! “Get better and move on with your life.” Come experience The Best Hands In Town! I’ll fix you and you can send me all your friends. How’s that for a new concept?

This is the best, most effective and only user friendly, mind training, success, will & intention building, Chi circulating, serious expert source of real, high quality, extremely organized, Chi Kung & Nei Kung Jing producing internal power training programs in America!

Register NOW for the upcoming CHI KUNG/PPT and I will run you through Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD immediately so you can practice long before the workshop.

The Bill Campbell Show entitled, “Chicagoing” on Channel 7 is mounted in the VIDEOS SECTION. The best way to reach me is to call me over and over again until you catch me between patients. I am treating all day, so keep calling to catch me between patients. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

MAD HUMAN DISEASE is a bitch! Emotional Percentages: Anger and/or Rage = 100%, Abandonment = 50%, Bitterness = 25%, Guilt = 10%, Anguish = 10%, Sorrow = 10%, and Fear = 1%. What do you think you are carrying?

What pains are these causing you to have?

Please don’t miss or move your appointments. This causes others huge inconveniences. I promise to not miss your appointments. Please do the same.

Don’t waste your time, money, or excitement on any other Chi Kung programs. Tidal Wave Chi Kung is The Original Cutting Edge in Chi Kung, The Best In The World. I am “The Energy Man.”

Register NOW for the upcoming CHI KUNG/PERSONAL POWER TRAINING WORKSHOP in CHICAGO! R.S.V.P. Now! This workshop will be personally taught by Gary J. Clyman.

This is the most productive, valuable DESERVINGNESS WORKSHOP in America.

Nobody comes to me to “calm down, relax, or reduce stress.” Everyone come to me to “increase their energy levels, DESERVE WAY MORE, perform at their best, and to achieve more than their goals. Bigger is Better.” GJC

Call me at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244 to make your Emotional Liposuction appointment!

The original, amazing, effective, one-of-a-kind, CUTTING EDGE healing technique, “EMOTIONAL LIPOSUCTIONâ„¢ will remove your Anger, Bitterness, Fear, Guilt, Rage, Anguish, Sorrow, and Abandonment! What are you carrying around? How much better could your life be without it? Bring it to me. I will remove it. Make your appointment NOW!

Pick what you need most… 1) Personal Power Training Client, 2) Private Personalized Mind Light Nei Kung Student, 3) Mind Light Nei Kung DVD Student, 4) Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Student, 5) Patient, 6) Treat With Jing Training Student, 7) Trader Acceleration Program, or 8.) Temple Style Tai Chi Student. Call me to discuss which format best suits your personal needs.

Are you confused? Are you tired of running on empty? Does something feel wrong but you don’t know where to look for help? Do you need focus? Do you feel your age? Are you looking for The Magic Bullet, the answer to all this? FOCUS, FOCUS, AND MORE FOCUS!!!

Same answer to many questions… Learn Tidal Wave Chi Kung or Personal Power Training! The confusion is over. Tidal Wave Chi Kung KILLS Procrastination! Start today. Prosper Tomorrow!

You can get IMMEDIATE, LONG LASTING, DRAMATIC, INSTANT, AND OBVIOUS LIFE CHANGING results. Call me now to discuss which format best suits your needs and what amazing results are waiting for you!

28 minutes a day is all it will take to complete The Daily Practice Routine. Watch for Gold Bell Training Instruction soon to be on this site. You must complete my Chi Kung Program BEFORE you can start Gold Bell Training. So get ready!

My “SYSTEM” is the best, because it’s a SYSTEM, not just a bunch of watered down relaxing techniques. I am The Alternative to an alternative. This will be your last chance to get help! Simply put: My Chi Kung Program cultivates your CHI. My Nei Kung Program cultivates your JING. You need both!

I’ve been creating high quality programs for high quality people since 1983! Your Chi Kung success is assured. Call (800) 782-4244, 24/7 to discuss your training options.

I make big promises! You’ll receive huge results! I’ve practiced long and hard and I am the most organized and efficient INTERNAL teacher in America. I’ve been copied, but never duplicated. I have no peers. I am NOT competing in the $60 video market.

There’s NO ENERGY SHORTAGE with anyone that’s practicing my Chi Kung! Want, deserve, achieve… Work smarter, not harder. My system is completely organized so you can be very efficient with your practice time.

My Chi Kung & Nei Kung practices will cultivate your INTERNAL POWER! They are quite different from each other. You will get your JING.” Call me to talk and get started. Fun, enjoyable, and passionate… That’s what my system is. DESERVINGNESS (Self-esteem) is not my issue, it is my specialty.

I teach FOCUS, INTENTION, PROSPERITY, SUCCESS through FREQUENCY and VIBRATION modulation. I am the original VIBRATION Guy… THE ENERGY MAN! I will take the time to answer ALL your questions. I am as excited now as I was when I started over 30 years ago.

Call me right now! I look forward to your call. There’s no better time to talk than right now. Here’s my cell (312) 446-8218.

This is instead of doctor treatments, whether Western, Alternative, Complimentary, Integrative, Wellness, whatever (hip word) medicine. Seek ME as your ALTERNATIVE opinion. Take “hope” as your new prescription.

I promise I will do WHATEVER it takes to help you. Many patients fly in from all over the world to get treated with my Jing. Just look at these patient testimonials.

Now for my own testimonial: I saw the article on Gary and planned on contacting Gary for treatment. I had no idea he was at the expo until Friday late afternoon when I saw a gathering around his booth. I observed the procedure for quite a while before I took a ticket. I have to admit the pain factor made me re-think my decision.

I took a ticket for Saturday first thing. I guess you could say I have chronic lower back pain and TMJ, not serious but something was there. Once I was on the table Gary discovered I had abandonment and rage with a second location of rage. I must have had a lot because it seemed like I was on the table for a long time and it was painful. Right before Gary was done I had a sharp pain in my lower back and in my jaw. I thought for sure that my back was thrown out. When I got off the table I felt a lightness, calmer and no back pain. It was gone.

It is now 7 days since the treatment and still no back pain but the best of all is that I have not had any road rage. That was a big thing for me and now I am actually singing with the radio while driving. At first it felt like I was going through the motions but I was not emotionally involved. I just don’t get worked up anymore even in Cubs traffic. It’s great. I hope it lasts forever but if it doesn’t I will definitely be paying Gary another visit. You know if everyone went through this procedure the world would be a better place.

Thanks Gary. I am passing along my experience to people I know and spreading the word. THE END.

This system is REAL, serious, learnable, challenging, exciting, efficient, step-by-step, and the only one like it in the USA. You will GET INSPIRED, STAY INSPIRED, and CHANGE YOUR LIFE using my INTERNAL practices!

My Chi Kung & Nei Kung compliments ALL other martial arts. My programs are perfect for everybody serious about wanting “THE JING.” My specialty focuses on raising your DESERVINGNESS, self-esteem, and I am many times more effective than therapy. I have so far had 47 therapists as clients.

I fix physical and emotional ailments quickly. I will prevent you from getting sick.

I look forward to having you as a student/client/patient. You’ve come to the right place for your “Internal Vibration” training. Get ready! Your excitement is about to start. I promise you will NEVER be bored again, NEVER.

Use my internal practices to avoid the entire doctor routine for the rest of your life. Let doctors deal emergencies, while you take care of your day-to-day health, wellness, preventative, holistic, personal, etc. concerns. My Chi Kung system, Tidal Wave Chi Kung, has been designed to give you a self-contained base for your internal energy practices.

“PREVENTION” is the key word here. Save your own life BEFORE you need help! Start today! Feel better tomorrow! Call me today 24/7!

It is simply the best Chi Kung system on the Planet. Results are only a couple of weeks away. They will be noticeable, measurable, tangible, and obvious. Take care of yourself today. Quit feeling sick, tired, weak, cold, fragile, and stuck. This is a serious time, with serious concerns, and it requires a serious action. My Chi Kung system is perfect for these serious times.

Welcome to The #1 Chi Kung (Qigong) & Nei Kung RESULT ORIENTED System For Serious Jing Training and Treatments. This is where people come and get helped! The results you get will be awesome also.

How do I measure success? Start with how much “original thought” you produce. Next measure your level of “internal suction.” And lastly comes doing what you know is “right” in spite of what others say. This is what I preach, teach, and walk. If you want to break away from your life long limitations and excel, work with me!

People always ask me, “what famous people have your Chi Kung?”

Here are some of them:
Eric Clapton, Oprah Winfrey, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Kevin Trudeau, Fred Degerberg, Matt Mollica, Christian Opitz Ph.D., Paul Tudor Jones, Dick Pfeil, Stephen Josephs Ph.D., Gunther Weil Ph.D., Connie Rae Andreas, Doug Carter, Gabriel Cousins M.D., Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale, and about 4,000 others since 1983 through my book, Personal Power Training Workshops, private consultations, and/or my Chi Kung video instruction program.

Using my method of energy cultivation, you really can Escape From Mediocrity. Your life will take on a whole new meaning and intensity. DRAMATIC CHANGE can be yours!

This is the best Internal Kung Fu training in the world and the best part is, you never have to leave your home to learn it. Everyone can learn my system… masters and novices alike.

The more you know about Chi Kung, the more you will appreciate my concepts and directness.

Attention New Patients: You have finally found what you’ve been searching for. Congratulations! If you need to be “fixed” you have come to the right place. I will travel to help you.

I will fix you as fast as possible. Not 2 visits per week for 10 or 20 weeks… just what you personally need to get better, quickly. Don’t waste your time and money going to other health practitioners and getting the run around. Come to me. I won’t stretch it out. Call now!

Call right NOW! (800) 782-4244 or (312) 446-8218

“Being ruthless is not generally a quality associated with healers. But that’s exactly what you get with Gary Clyman. He will quite ruthlessly find out what’s wrong in your life and fix it. Once fixed, you’re free forever – it’s that simple. You could spend most of your life in some talk related therapy, or you can get fixed by Gary in a few sessions.
Personally, I traveled all the way from England to Chicago, America to learn his Chi Kung and to get rid of lifelong emotional baggage. The baggage is gone, and I also have an excellent foundation for Chi Kung practice. He is for real. He is effective!” Paul Armstrong, UK

You’re already “one of a million” for getting here. Now you can talk to “one in a billion.” The more you read, the more it proves you are the right person to be here, and for that I congratulate you.

By the time you finish reading these pages, you will feel like one of a small handful of experts in the world on the subject of Human Internal Vibration Cultivation & Development.

But knowledge is not enough… You must work with me to get -functional- with this knowledge.
Please check other teachers, but know that by the time you finish reading these pages, you will probably know more than they do. They are not being secretive. They just don’t know.
You can study with other teachers and learn a little about something you did not know before, but when you come to me, you will be able to do something that almost no one in the world can do.

There are entire continents, where not one person knows this and can do this.
I will make you able to use all this information when you work with me. Join the group of special people.
Be the first in your country to represent this material.

Personal Power Training is where successful people come to create important life changes. Call me right now to discuss your specific issues.

Tidal Waveâ„¢ Chi Kung will change you forever. Having energy will seriously change your DESERVINGNESS, your demeanor, your attitude, your performance, your relationships, and many other aspects of your life.

Don’t get trapped on a slow boat to China… Fly to Chicago! I welcome students from all over the world!
Creating Internal Suction and Energy Pathways are the most important practices in Tidal Wave Chi Kung & Mind Light Nei Kung.

The Big Question: Who can benefit the most from these valuable practices?
The Answer: People with energy imbalances, lifestyle confusion, health issues, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, self-esteem and DESERVINGNESS issues, and relationship difficulties. The mix can be complicated and usually is. I will use my skill to figure it out.

If these issues are important for you to resolve, then I am the person for you. Call me to discuss how I can address your specific needs.

I have had clients request a “Combination Training Package” that has worked out very well for them. It consists of ONE-Day of Personal Power Training and THREE-Days of Mind Light Nei Kung Training. I am also willing to break it up into TWO-Weekends, so you can due your homework between sessions.

For those of you that are struggling with strange, chronic or acute unusual health conditions, old patterns, negative underling belief systems, I treat all the hopeless & strange things that doctors can’t seem to figure out or help.
Personal Power Training can also be adjusted and combined with treatment intensives. Chi Kung can be personalized for your specific problem.

Call! Gary J. Clyman (800) 782-4244 or (312) 446-8218

THE PRIMARY PURPOSE to learn my system is to cultivate your JING. It is as simple as that. The process for doing that is not so simple. I have made learning a workable project. As I have said elsewhere on my web site, “It does not have to take 20 years. Sometimes short cuts are the best cuts.”

Cultivating your JING looks like having the health, aliveness, vitality, internal strength, physical endurance, and virtual resilience to make your body, life and world the way you want it. Traits show up as unstoppable WILL, incredible self-confidence, and a deep sense of DESERVINGNESS that can never be satisfied or fulfilled.

Results that seem impossible will come with minimal effort. Success cannot evade you anymore. Your personal practice will dictate what happens in your personal world! It’s all organized and waiting for you from the start.
JING equals Internal Power! Nobody has it and everyone wants it. It’s not just a theory or philosophy. It is a real, tangible, noticeable, alive vibration that will run in you like hot lava or a bolt of lightening. I have it and can walk you through the process of you getting it. My healing skill is a direct reflection of my JING.

When I say my system, I have re-organized Temple Style Tai Chi into a variety of workable formats. It begins with Tidal Wave Chi Kung. Tidal Wave Chi Kung which is a collection of the most important pieces of Temple Style Tai Chi and is what makes it an “Internal System.” It can take only 3 hours or 5 weeks to complete my Chi Kung DVD Program.

The next piece is Mind Light Nei Kung. When I created my Nei Kung program, it was after teaching my Chi Kung program for over 15 years. Many, many requests came in requesting MORE. After saying “no” for all those years, I suddenly got struck the bolt of inspirational lightening and created my Nei Kung program.

My Nei Kung program’s popularity exploded overnight and I had students flying in from all over the country to learn what they had been searching for, for many years.

My Nei Kung program is a success for a few reasons. The first reason is, I am the only teacher actually teaching this material. Another reason is, I am a product of my own practices. That proves that this high level of skill can be obtained by anyone who wants it bad enough. I am not special. I just worked hard and never let life interfere with my progress.

Mind Light Nei Kung takes 3 months to complete. Tidal Wave Chi Kung is included and is actually the precursor for your Nei Kung instruction. This system was designed to save you time. I did all the work so you don’t have to. All you have to do is follow my directions perfectly. I saved you work that you most likely would never have ever done in the first place.

Please read my materials carefully. Notice how organized and concise my presentation style is. You can have the JING. All you have to do is follow directions. I have confidence in you. Tai Chi should be learned after Chi Kung and Nei Kung have been completed. Learning Temple Style is a huge project that seems to never end. Learning Tidal Wave Chi Kung and Mind Light Nei Kung fit into today’s fast paced, intense life style.

I am the perfect teacher for anyone that is clear about what they want and when they want it. Don’t be shy. Call me to talk about this right now.

My energy practices are exciting. My enthusiasm is infectious. My students love what they learn and are never confused about what to practice. I understand my position and joyfully accept the responsibility of being a Master and a Healer. I love talking about my work and welcome your calls. I would rather talk than type. This is exactly the way I would have wanted to be taught.

Get ready to get inspired and excited! You have come to the right place to learn to become internal, quickly! “It does not have to take 20 years. Sometimes short cuts are the best cuts.”

A common question that many of my Chi Kung students ask is, “Why does their life change so rapidly, after they begin practicing Tidal Wave Chi Kung?”

The answer is always the same. When a new student begins learning Tidal Wave Chi Kung, an alignment process begins to take place. In that I mean, because of the clean technique in the system, you begin to remove the blocks in your energy field and your physical & emotional bodies that have been interfering with your progress and your results in your life. The name of the Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program is “Flexing The Muscle Of Your WILL.”
In my internal system, one of the first changes that takes place in each new student is an increase in the size of your WILL or the size of your balls in the world.

Years of procrastination, hesitation, ineffective communication, un-focused actions, and other old insecurities are quickly replaced with confidence, clear thinking, linear steps, improved communication skills, total focus, and hunger for more of the good things in life (i.e. better jobs, relationships, money, sex, treatment by others, etc).
Click my Chi Kung/Personal Power Trainingâ„¢ link for an expanded list of benefits from Tidal Waveâ„¢ Chi Kung.

This is serious training for serious students. The same vibration and sound wave that I personally produce is taught to each of my students. This vibration circulates through each practitioners system with serious practice. One of the ultimate goals through learning my internal system is to live in a true state of health. Wellness is NOT going to the doctor on a regular basis, any doctor.

Wellness IS becoming self-sufficient. A few of my treatments will help you create the personal momentum to carry you through a healthy life.

Vibration is where it’s at. Don’t be fooled into doing forms, standing postures, and other boring, going nowhere practices.

Being pain and disease free is not enough. Learning my system will give you the ability to circulate your Chi (energy) & Jing (power), giving you the sensation of a hot wind or current flowing inside of you. Disease, stiffness, weak immunity, inflammation, and depression CANNOT EXIST in the presence of this current.

You will learn how to focus through learning these internal practices. Don’t worry if you can’t focus. Focus is a skill that can be learned. I teach what everyone talks about, True Internal Training. All you have to is follow directions.

My treatments are personalized because you are special. Each patient is evaluated and treated as an individual because you deserve the best, which I am. There is no close second. I treat the original cause which is the source of your symptoms. That does not mean I ignore your symptoms, it means I get ALL of it done so it won’t come back.

My treatments are sometimes as simple as me laying my hand on you and sometimes require me to use every trick in the book to make you better. I will use every skill I have and sometimes my sessions go as long as it takes to fix you. Making you better is what matters to me and my 28 years of healing experience usually proves miraculous.

I know what it’s like out there trying to find a care giver you can trust, who is technically capable, personally caring, experienced enough to listen, and with an approach that’s got your best interest in mind. I am the healer I would want to go to. I treat everybody I know.

Some of my treatment relationships span over 20 years. They see me when they need me and stop when they are doing well. I believe you will appreciate all my focus, experience, intensity, creativity, and determination to help you.
I promise, “I will care about your progress as much as you will.” If serious health, wellness, and Personal Energy Medicine are what you want, I will be your guide, partner, and/or mentor. You CAN feel better, healthier, more vital, happier, and more excited for the rest of your life. Give yourself a try! Master Gary J. Clyman L.Ac.

“You can change your life through changing your vibration.”
“If you want to learn to circulate your Chi faster than the speed of light, you have come to the right place.”
“This is where your vibration really matters and learning is fun, easy, effective, simple, organized & step-by-step.”
“You will cultivate your vibration and I treat you with mine.”
“Cultivating your Jing is the most important goal in this entire system.”
“Condensing Breathing and the Chi circulations are where it all begins!”
I believe that the only reason that people don’t have what they want is because they don’t know how to focus hard enough and long enough to achieve their goals. My Chi Kung practice will help you strengthen your will.
Practicing Tidal Wave Chi Kung will give you what you need to obtain what you want, the way you want it. It only takes 5 weeks to complete my Chi Kung program. You can begin enjoying the fruits of your Chi Kung practice after only a few short practices.

My Chi Kung system will give you focus, focus and more focus… focus like you have never imagined you could have.
Tidal Wave Chi Kung will make you hungry and keep you hungry. Hungry for more… Consistent practice brings consistent results. The days you practice will be better than the days that you don’t. 4-5 practices per week is all it will take to create major changes in your life. Your Chi Kung practice will enable you to perform at your best, long enough to achieve your goals.

I am very happy you are here. I hope I will help you to cultivate your personal vibration! I am confident, precise, and direct in my approach. Most people will take that over wandering, non-specific, and confused, nearly every time. I believe you will appreciate my clear, concise and to the point style of teaching.

Learn from me and you won’t run out of hope before you get what you want. I give you my personal guarantee. Call me right now with your questions. Gary J. Clyman

What makes an art internal? The answer to this question seems to elude most other teachers. Is it being one with the Tao? No. Is it being soft and circular? No. Is it being emotionally connected with your forms? No. Is it being “mindless” as you practice? No. Is it having a good lineage? So what is internal mean? That is the $64,000 question.

If you don’t know what internal is, how can you become internal?
Internal means, having the energy built up, inside your body, before there is any physical motion visible. Internal is, developing the ability to create and project very specific vibrations that can be transmitted and recognized by another without giving any hints. Internal is, having a specific list of practices that allow you to develop your ability to exercise your mind, NOT your imagination, that eventually lead you to having a level of internal techniques that build upon each other that are NOT related to forms.

Internal is, developing the ability to move energy freely throughout your body, having control over it and how it recharge your body with vital energy, inspiration, enthusiasm, and excitement.

If you are not being taught how to be internal, you will not end up internal. It does not happen by accident. It begins with Condensing Breathing. Without Condensing Breathing, there will be nothing to circulate or move around. Condensing Breathing is part of Lesson One.

I have 3 programs to choose from. The first is my Tidal Wave Chi Kung Video Instruction Program.
The second is my Personal Power Training which includes my Chi Kung Program.
The third is my Mind Light Nei Kung Program. Look over my web site, read my magazine articles, read my testimonials, and feel free to call me RIGHT NOW to discuss which format best suits your personal needs. I have created all these programs because they are exactly what people are looking for.

I practiced Tai Chi when it was considered strange. I taught Chi Kung before it became fashionable. I am inspired and am teaching Nei Kung, 10 years before the rest. Learn cutting edge practices, the internal heavy stuff, before it becomes popular. I am the only one teaching this material in America.

Don’t get stuck learning forms that lead nowhere and take forever to learn. Don’t waste time, money or enthusiasm.

Learn a real “internal” system, directly without wasting time. Call me right now! Gary J. Clyman

What is Chi Kung? When I created my Chi Kung system, I decided to give you the most for the the least. That means, it was designed so everyone could reap the benefits with the least amount of work.

What is Personal Power Training? Personal Power Training is a 2-Day Private Training which concentrates on your issues and personal needs. The topics we generally work with are multiplying your income, starting a new business, repairing relationships, and/or increasing your DESERVINGNESS levels. The results are immediate, obvious, and long term.

PPT contains my entire Tidal Waveâ„¢ Chi Kung System. Call me to discuss how it can help you personally. Chi Kung does NOT contain PPT.

What is Nei Kung? When I created my Mind Light Nei Kung system, it was after many, many requests for a second, more difficult practice. I pulled all the heavy, “internal” practices out of Temple Style Tai Chi and organized it so you can reap the benefits of 20 years of practice without having to actually practice for 20 years.

What is the difference between Chi Kung and Nei Kung? My Chi Kung system was designed to give you the most benefits with the least amount of work. My Nei Kung System was created to give you the right amount of work and is much larger, with entire sub-sets included.

My Chi Kung System is included in my Nei Kung System, in fact, you will complete the Tidal Wave Chi Kung System in the first 3 hours of your Nei Kung training.

One of the first questions asked is always, “Where should I start?” The answer is simple:
1) Start with the Mind Light Nei Kung Program if you can afford it. The Nei Kung Program is available via private instruction or via video instruction.
2) Tidal Wave Chi Kung is included in the Nei Kung Program and you will complete Tidal Wave Chi Kung System in the first 3 hours.
3) The next choice is Personal Power Training. If you are interested in creating major life changes QUICKLY, then the place to start is with Personal Power Training.

The major changes I’m referring to are usually but not restricted to 1) starting a new business, 2) changing the way you are treated at work or at home, 3) repairing a troubled marriage, 4) removing an old pattern that does not work for you, 5) removing phobias, long term patterns or negative underlying belief systems, or 6) fighting chronic diseases.

Personal Power Training can be arranged to take place privately over any two day period that works best for you or if you live in the Chicago area, Personal Power Training takes place over 8 sessions, usually once a week.
The results of Personal Power Training are all over my web site and I accept traveling clients frequently. You can stay at a local hotel near my Chicago office. You can complete the entire program in just 2 days. This includes telephone follow-up if needed.

The next available format is to learn Chi Kung via my Chi Kung Video Instruction Program. This usually takes 5 weeks unless you are a professional martial artist, then it can take up to 3 months to complete. Call me to discuss which of these formats best suits your personal needs. Professional martial artists are required to spend more time on each lesson.

Temple Style Tai Chi should be the last step in your internal training. In most cases, it is NOT necessary to achieve your internal aliveness. I look forward to your call! 24/7.

I also do in-depth consultations to help sick people harness their Chi Kung to fight disease.

Sincerely, Master Gary J. Clyman

Nationally call: (800) 782-4244
Locally call: (312) 446-8218