EMOTIONAL LIPOSUCTION AND “NO NEEDLE” ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENTS! That means, you can bring me your chronic & acute back pain, stiff joints, muscle cramps, stroke, and poor posture. One visit with me is worth at least 10 visits with anyone else. I also do Spinal Decompression Therapy. Avoid scary invasive treatments. I also do Fibro-Acupuncture instead of Prolo-Therapy.

  1. ONE CONVENIENT CHICAGO LOCATION: I want you better FAST! Call NOW, same day and late night visits are common. My practice is built on excited referrals. I’m open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday: 131 N. Green St., Chicago, IL 60607 which is one block west of the Randolph St. exit in the West Loop.
  2. Initial Consultation and Treatment price is $250. Call me immediately. I will get you in QUICKLY. I have some of the best hands in the Chicago area. I’ve also done Muscle Response Testing (MRT) since 1979 for specific nutritional deficiencies that we all have. Follow-up visits are less expensive and are more effective and efficient that going to your Chiropractor. I also do Acupuncture Without Needles as well as with. Most of the time, I don’t need to use needles. Credit Card Payments Using PayPal
  3. Traveling Fly-In Patients – Call me to discuss your best option.
  4. House Calls – Forget about it!

Emotional Liposuction: DUMP YOUR EMOTIONAL JUNK TODAY!!!

Stop degenerative disease in its tracks. GET THE JING!

SOME BACKGROUND: According to Chinese tradition, the lowest to the highest level method of healing is the following:
1.) Surgery
2.) Medicine
3.) Herbs
4.) * Acupuncture
5.) * Chi Healing

That puts masters above doctors. In fact, in the old days, doctors were paid to keep their patients healthy and were not paid when the patient got sick. That sounds like a good idea to me.

Even within the realm of Chi healing, there are levels of practitioners. From generic Chi healing all the way up to Jing practitioners who use Jing. This ranges from Universal energy up through Personal vibration use.

Universal Chi means channeling the energy. Personal Chi healing means that the practitioner CARRIES the vibration and is using their own Internal Power to cause the healing. Chi means internal energy. Jing means internal POWER. There is a big difference. Using Jing to treat means someone is using their personal vibration skill.

As far as I can tell, I am the only Jing Based Master Practitioner in America using internal power skill as a treatment for a variety of chronic and acute health problems. Workshops are taught only once per year (April 2011).

The origins of this incredible energy treatment is a direct extension of my Jing Projection ability. Since 1986, I have been able to shoot a detectable vibration out of my right fist. Hundreds of people have felt this personally and been able to describe the flavor and pattern that I create with my mind.

This Jing has been building in me from my past and present personal practices. I decided to begin harnessing my internal power and to modify it so I can treat other people with it. Even I am shocked by this fantastic and distinctive results that people are experiencing. I am using it everywhere I go.

HOW IT’S DONE: The treatment consists of me projecting Jing into a patient in a specific manner. The vibration is personalized and specific for each person based on their needs and symptoms. This skill is the result of my 28 years of Chi Kung / Nei Kung practice and over 30 years of “true alternative” treatment experience with many thousands of patients.

The Customized Signature Frequency Wave is determined, then combined with The Customized Carrier Element. Together, these are then imprinted on the patients neuro-energy network (nervous system) where they quickly alter and resolve the showing problems and symptoms.

This Customized Combination Wave is produced then transferred by shooting a vibration with the appropriate amplitude or height into the patient. This treatment is absolutely safe and is done to heal a trauma, injury, or imbalance of energy. The results are immediate, obvious, and long lasting! People fly in from all around the world to get treated. Call me immediately to discuss your specific condition or health concerns.

Master Gary J. Clyman, Licensed Acupuncturist
Locally call, (312) 446-8218 Nationally call, (800) 782-4244