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The 7 Levels To Mastery Article

THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One

Temple Style has a unique feature. Each piece of a form is taught prior to stringing together even the smallest sequence. My particular approach is to start with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. Most questions asked in the first year as a Tai Chi student are answered in advance by my Chi Kung DVD Program.

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These Chi Kung practices are used to “densify” your movements, concentration, intention, attention span, and physical body.

Start Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and get your JING! There are NO secrets, just systematically organized serious precise skills. You can order my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program at: at the 1st clicker

Here’s my first public Temple Style Tai Chi System Demo from 1980! This demo took place 3 years before I decided to teach Chi Kung and 19 years before Nei Kung. You will see early fragments from my DVD Programs.

Demo Parts 1,2,3:

Condensing Breathing Parts 1 & 2:

First Section Demos:

Black Diamond Intro Part 1

Black Diamond Intro Part 2

These are the final practices of Mind Light™ Nei Kung combining many concepts.

The Nei Kung Inside Form:

Black Diamond Nei Kung “Inside Form” 18-Minute Daily Practice Routine


Mind Light Nei Kung Training

FORGET GOING TO CHINA! Get the JING in Chicago and be my Private Nei Kung Student! It’s organized, powerful, easy to learn, and step-by-step. Yes, you can do this…

Mind Light Nei Kung contains ALL the “internal” practices from Temple Style Tai Chi. Tidal Wave Chi Kung is required and included in my Nei Kung Program. GET THE JING. Cultivate your internal vibration and become MORE than you can be.

Chi Kung and Tai Chi are taught in every book store and wellness center. That’s no big deal. Grandma’s Tai Chi and other sleepy practices are everywhere. What I teach is rare, exciting, personalized, and HOT! You will never be bored again!

In 1979, when I began teaching Tai Chi, it was considered controversial. In 1983, when I decided to teach Chi Kung to non-Tai Chi students, that was considered revolutionary. My newest inspired decision has really created a tidal wave. In 1999, I created Mind Light Nei Kung. I take private students, but you can learn all of this on DVD.

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I am the only one teaching this method of internal training. I will teach it to anyone who wants it. Yes, even you…

You do not need a Tai Chi body or experience. You do not have to go through the entire system to get to this material. You do not have to swear vows of secrecy. You do not have to be a professional martial artist. All you have to do is be dedicated to your own personal development, be unwilling to snap under the pressure of this level of material absorption, and be able to intensely train with me.

You can learn all this material privately and go home with 4-One Hour Alternating Nei Kung Practice Routines or you can learn the entire Mind Light Nei Kung Program via DVD. The choice is yours!

The Mind Light™ Nei Kung System is divided in Sub-Sets. Green and Blue are the preliminary practices and must be done well before starting to go through the routine cycle.

After Green and Blue have become “comfortable,” it is then time to do the routines. The Nei Kung System has Routine A, B, C, and D.

I structured the routines so all you have to do is “cycle” in order to cover and balance your weekly Nei Kung practice.

This has NEVER been taught like this, EVER. I created it so you don’t have to chase some Chinese master who knows nothing.

My students that have enrolled in local Tai Chi classes have become extremely frustrated with the quality of the other teachers.

As one of my Mind Light™ Nei Kung students, you will stand out because of your personal skill. GET THE JING!

The Mind Light™ Hei Kung DVD Program and THE Nei Kung Bible both follow the same exact detailed format. GET THE JING!

Call me to discuss what Mind Light Nei Kung has to offer you. I am the one one teaching this material in America. GET THE JING. You make the call. I’ll take the call 24/7.


Q: What is Mind Light Nei Kung Training?

A: Nei Kung, the way I teach it, is a systematic method for driving the mind at the speed of light. “The Speed of Light” refers to a concept of becoming so focused and able that all limitations conceived by the mind are dismissed. This dismissal ability comes from creating so much energy inside the body that your WILL simply dictates the release of these limitations. The applications of Mind Light Nei Kung are limitless and endless. These techniques have been extracted and organized in a way that has never been done before.

Q: How long does it take to learn?

A: 2 Days! Two days of undiluted personalized, high intensity instruction, including review, reconstruction, formation and clarification.

Q: Is any previous experience necessary?

A: No! After 20 years of waiting to teach these diamonds of Internal Kung Fu to each student that achieves levels that deserves the gift of this high level Internal Kung Fu training, I decided to create this training and gear it to the novice. I have taught this to only 100 well deserving serious students. No Tai Chi, Chi Kung, martial arts, Taoist Alchemy, yoga or meditation is pre-required. This training is a stand alone, self-contained system and no preparation is necessary.

Q: What will I take home?

A: Mind Light Nei Kung has been organized into 4 alternating practice routines. You are NOT required to stay with one daily routine, but are encouraged and carefully directed through rotating practice routines to carefully re-circulate the material. If you choose to only practice 2 times per week, then it will take you 2 weeks to run through all your material. This level of organization is unique to Mind Light Nei Kung.

There are also a variety of “solo techniques” that can be done at night while watching TV or doing something requiring less concentration. Mind Light Nei Kung is very physical and the energy generated from these practices will totally amaze you.  You may never be sick or tired or negative again. Numerous health concerns will seem to disappear instantly.

Q: Can I handle this practice?

A: The hardest part of handling this practice will be loving it so much that you will want to do it all day long. I advise sticking to the organized practice routines so you can fit your life into your Mind Light Nei Kung practice.

Q: When and where is Mind Light Nei Kung available?

A: Preferably, each Mind Light Nei Kung student will be trained in Chicago. Which days of the week you are here are determined by your schedule, not mine. This training is NOT restricted to weekends only.  If your business allows you the flexibility to escape to Chicago, then get here now! I would consider traveling to you for your training, but the details have to be arranged. Forget going to China!

Mind Light Nei Kung is serious, organized, fun, powerful, exciting, unique and available if you want to know the true secrets of Internal Kung Fu.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime and should be treated as one. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, enthusiasm and skill with you immediately. Mind Light Nei Kung is also available on DVD and in my ONE time per year group 2-day workshop. Get the JING!

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