IKF: Condensing Breathing Article "10 Minutes A Day..." (PDF)

  The Nei Kung Bible - Chapter One

  Aspectarian Interview w/ Gary Clyman Jul08 (PDF)

  Spiro1Short Interview (PDF)

  Aspectarian Local Spotlight Article Apr08 (PDF)

  Download my Chi Kung Bible (PDF)

  PPT Story (PDF)

  PPT Personality Profiles For New Enrollees (PDF)

  Chicago Sun-Times Article (PDF)

  Times Generic Color Article (PDF)

  Time Out Chicago (PDF)

  Chicago Tribune - Qigong Article, Normal Print (PDF)

  Booster Article 1980 (PDF)

  Emotional Liposuctionâ„¢ Interview (PDF)

  Emotional Energy Release Technique Points Chart (PDF)

  (Sub) Chicago Sun-Times Article (PDF)

  Chicago Sun-Times Article (CWMWords) (PDF)

  IKF Magazine Mar05, The Art Of "Cooking" Jing (PDF)

  IKF Magazine Jun07, Power At The Speed Of Light (PDF)

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