Emotional Liposuction™

Everyone walks around under the influence of their own personal history. Generally people feel trapped, stuck, or uninspired. Self-medicating, and you all know why they are, relieves this momentarily, but that’s never good enough for the long haul. Negative experiences lead to negative emotions lead to negative expectations. There is a path that leads to hope.

Negative Underlying Belief Systems make the world a hard place to be. The path to hope does exist. A special healing technique was created because WE needed it to be created. Dramatic results from a single treatment seems to only exist in a fairy tail. Well sometimes there is some truth in these fairy tales. Imagine if it was possible for you to get a fresh start, a chance to wipe your slate clean? It turns out, there is!

Over 10,000 past patients that have received their fresh start. I’ve been practicing Chi Kung since 1978 FULL TIME. Some fall in love and get married… I found Chi Kung!

Nearly everyone is walking around under the influence of Abandonment, Anger, Rage, and Bitterness, nearly 100% of Americans. These four negative emotions are stored in specific places in our bodies and can actually be extracted or removed during a single office visit.

Many people suffer from chronic long term hip and shoulder pain that has no mechanical source. That means all the visits to the Chiropractor will not help no matter how many times you’re scheduled. If you want to get more bang for your healing buck, this is the way to go. You will experience these stored emotions leaving your body like a bad tooth ache, but when over, it’s all over, you’re better.

My slogan is, “DUMP YOUR EMOTIONAL JUNK! Just get better and move on with your life.” Listen to the one hour show, get excited, make an appointment, and just get better. Today could be the start of many great days! Email me and I’ll send you some treatment videos.

Sponsor an Emotional Liposuction House Party! That’s right, I’ll come to you and your group. Call me to set this up…

This is the most important SINGLE treatment you will ever receive. Wipe your slate clean. Start fresh today!

Emotional Liposuction™ is The Cutting Edge in healing.  It did not exist before and was created because you needed it.  Violent change is a good thing.  Gradual change is so sleepy…  This treatment is for people who are sick of the way things are. 

Today can be the best day of your life.  Call me and get in here and watch how you become your best!

I also do Issue Specific Tracking Emotional Liposuction Treatment for issues related to people, circumstances, history, and relationships. I remove the memory and source of the stimulating triggers. This is different than Emotional Liposuction. I stimulate the specifics and suck them out. This is how I treat PTSD and depression. The results are AWESOME. Call me to set this up…

A new testimonial: “Gary’s Chi Kung is the best anywhere. Before I found his system, I was on all kinds of psych. drugs and couldn’t accomplish anything. My life was a disaster until I found Gary.

I got off ALL medication and felt amazing all the time! I didn’t know life could be so good. My life totally turned around and I started to get all the stuff I wanted. The Chi Kung was easy to do and worked better than anything I had ever tried.

The Emotional Liposuction was the icing on the cake! I felt like a new person after working with him. I tried everything to get better and this is the only thing that worked. I highly recommend Gary Clyman to anyone looking to improve their life and feel great.” Sarah P.

Everybody gets ONE treatment only! Don’t waste your time with Reiki or Pranic Healing or another airy-fairy new age wimpy treatments. This is serious! Get to the point. Get fixed. Get back to your life. Aren’t you sick of office visits? Time? Costs? Travel? Pain? Waiting? No results? Being mad? Staying maddd?

I treat Mad Human Disease. This will be the most exciting healing treatment you will ever receive. My treatment is SERIOUS!

The most commonly found emotional grouping is Abandonment (disappointment), Anger, Rage (old anger), and Bitterness (self-hatred). Nearly everyone has these four negative emotions.

How can you be O.K. when you carry this with you everyday?

What’s in your body? Emotional Liposuction™ can get it out. Many lives change every week in my office. You can be next! A fresh start is around the corner.

Call me NOW for your fresh start.

Call me 24/7 at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244 to book your appointment!

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Here is the new EmoLipo article as text…

The scream, Gary J. Clyman recalls, sent a chill through everyone in the room. Clyman was holding a personal power training workshop in Portland, Ore., in the late 1980s when a Vietnam veteran volunteered for a treatment Clyman would later dub “emotional liposuction™. Lying on a table, the veteran allowed Clyman to touch various spots on his body. Using his energy, or jing, to reach out to the man’s stored emotions, Clyman touched an area right by the hip, even with his pubic bone.

I put pressure. It wasn’t a lot of pressure. But he was able to pop, Clyman recalls.  He was a captain who lost his entire platoon and blamed himself for their deaths. He let out one guilt screech. It shot a chill through everybody in the room. He felt different on the spot.

During the past 20 years, Clyman has perfected this art of “Emotional Liposuction” out of his Chicago offices, extracting emotions of rage, anger, bitterness, grief, sorrow and others from thousands of patients from all walks of life. His clients have included children, grandmothers, stock brokers, geniuses, rape victims and drug smugglers. Some have come from as far away as Europe for his help.

The most common treatment is anger or rage. One hundred percent of our population has anger or rage, Clyman says.  Next is abandonment at 50 percent. Next is bitterness at 25 percent. Guilt and sorrow is 10 percent.

Clyman’s “Emotional Liposuction” technique uses Chi Kung combined with a knowledge of several spots in our body that store emotional pain. Using his jing, or internal power to create healing vibrations, Clyman says he can suck out the emotional cause of illness, disease, pain, depression and other ailments into his arms, which he then washes off with cold water.

My Chi Kung practice creates an internal vacuum, Clyman says.  When I touch somebody, the emotional point is activated and then I suck it out until it’s empty and does not hurt anymore.

Before he met Clyman, Chicago developer Terry Harb was suffering from sciatic back pain so intense that three different doctors recommended surgery.

“I had a back brace when I came into his office”, Harb, 42, recalls. “Gary touched a bunch of points on my body. Each one of those points he touched where I felt severe pain, he said it was an issue point.  The points held anger, rage, abandonment. He told me it was all related to stress.  The stress was related to my developing business going under. Each point that he touched that was painful, he would jab at it and I would make a different type of scream or yell until the pain went away”.

And the result?

“I kid you not, when I stood up, I was able to kick over my head, which I was not able to do in more than a year and a half”, Harb says.  “I put the back brace in the back of the car and never used it again. I asked him about a follow-up and he laughed at me. He said I did not have to come back.”

While Clyman discovered his own brand of “Emotional Liposuction” on his own, energy healing and touch therapy have been around for centuries, if not millennia.

It has its roots in Chinese shamanism, as well. You can read old books where they suck emotions out of people and they put it into rocks, says William Goit, a licensed acupuncturist in Laguna Hills, Calif., who learned Emotional Liposuction from Clyman.  To be able to change or affect the emotions is common in Chinese medicine.

Internal organs are thought to store emotions.  The liver is anger.  The heart is joy.  Abandonment is right over the heart, in the sternum. Bitterness is in the pit of the gut. People talk about feeling bitterness in the gut all the time. But on the other hand, nobody else is doing this but Gary. He repackaged it and made it accessible to Western minds. Emotional Liposuction is his baby.

At first, Goit says, he could not envision himself performing Emotional Liposuction.

It’s a seemingly brutal procedure, he says.  The release of this internal emotional turmoil, it hurts. They are hanging onto their pain.  You’re overpowering the patient’s will to hold onto the past, their negative emotions, and free them to go into the present.  You project your jing or vitality into the body, activating and exciting that latent emotion, and sucking it out.

It’s not the most comfortable procedure, agrees Stephanie, 39, of Orange County, Calif., who received emotional liposuction from Goit for depression, insomnia and grief over the loss of her mother.  It’s painful. It’s like someone giving you a super deep tissue pressure in your abdomen and ribs. My eyes were tearing.

Despite the pain, Stephanie says she felt a sense of relief or letting go during her Emotional Liposuction. Combined with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, the treatment allowed her to stop taking antidepressants and sleeping pills.  It’s not like I walked out and I was a new person, she says.  But I think it helped.

It’s like having a truck rolling off of them, Goit says.  It’s an amazing treatment.

Although Goit has only treated some 200 patients with Emotional Liposuction, compared to the thousands treated by Clyman, he has seem some amazing changes, including a visit from a male nurse from El Salvador, who was gay.

I was removing his sorrow, located just to the left of the nipple, below the armpit, Goit recalls.  I asked if he had a tough relationship with his father. He really broke down. He got real quiet and he suddenly was in the place where he told his parents he was gay. His parents reacted badly. But he’s way more comfortable with being gay now.  That was very gratifying.

While Goit says Emotional Liposuction is potentially for every one who can handle the pain, he is careful not to call it a permanent solution.

It’s like getting your teeth cleaned. It’s not like you never have to brush your teeth again, Goit says.  In many ways it’s a starting point, not an ending point.  Then they learn how to be without those feelings from the past. Not to bring them back.  I can tell you people whose lives have changed dramatically. On the other hand, I’ve treated people who did not change at all. It’s like that with every therapy.

Goit also notes that he does not have as much experience in Emotional Liposuction as Clyman, who touts single treatments of Emotional Liposuction.

They feel better and it lasts a long, long, long, long time, Clyman says.

For her part, one dose of Emotional Liposuction was enough, Stephanie says.

I think you only have to do it once, she says. It’s not like you’re going to suffer forever.  Then she laughs and adds: It’s not like chiropractic work.  This is THE END of the article…  P.S.  I do consider it a “Permanent Solution”.  I’ve treated over 10,000 people and now it’s finally getting popular.

Don’t just make someone else successful. Be successful yourself. I am the busiest “healer” at ALL the conventions. Everyone else “talks” about being a healer. I am too busy healing people to talk. I love what I do and I love what happens to the people I do it to. Get fixed! Get over it! DUMP YOUR JUNK!

What makes my treatment method unique and better, is my ability and willingness to remove the emotional cause of illness, disease, pain, dysfunction, unhappiness, depression, mood swings, etc., etc., etc.

Emotional Liposuction™ is my own creation. I did not read it, learn it, borrow it, steal it, convert it, copy it, or fake it from anyone else. It did not come out of any seminar I took. I actually had an original thought and it just developed since 1985.

I am the best healer in the Chicago area. Others help people, but I dramatically change what causes the trouble in the first place. I dare to go where nobody else wants to when it come to healing YOU! I use MY energy on YOU! You will feel better fast, and stay better longer that with many other methods and practitioners work. Call me to talk 24/7. I love what I do… I love helping people.

It is believed that I am one of the best in the healing business. While other practitioners want to get 20-30 visits out of each new patient, I want to get you “fixed” A.S.A.P. I want 20 referrals, not 20 visits, that’s my policy. Fast food is bad… Fast healing is great!

I am who I would personally go to and I promise to do my best. My best is better than most and as good as the best for you! I treat everyone I know. They don’t treat me. I’ve been treating over 30 years.

In the last few years, I have worked in other clinics. I was hired to treat their patients. They rarely sent me any patients because “They got better too fast.” Can you believe it? Too fast!

I left these other clinics for ethical reasons. They wanted me to “get more visits out of each patient.” When I asked, “What is more important here, making money or helping people?” The answer was always “making money.” So I quit trying to work in others facilities.

They would rather keep their patients coming over and over and over again then send them to me and get them better. Of course, they always wanted me to treat them whenever they asked.

It looks like the only person I can work for is you, the patient. “Quick results” is not just a theory. I actually put it into practice… my practice.

Dr. David Zeiger D.O. asked me into his clinic to actually “help” his patients. I give him credit for being serious about helping patients. It is not about turf, it is about getting people well, FAST.

If you need an honest doctor, see him. If you need a healer, see me! I have a respectful working relationship with him and together I believe WE can get you better FASTER than anywhere else. This is very good for Chicago… A true combined approach.

Every week, someone is traveling from far away to see me. I invite you to an incredible, dramatic, obvious, dynamic way to get healed… using my Jing (Cultivated Vibration). Go read GET THE JING on this site…

I do Emotional Liposuction™ in a variety of formats: 1) Personal Power Training™, 2) Treatments, and 3) I teach it in my Treat With Jing Training™ Workshops once a year (call me for the schedule).

Here is a list of the conditions that I treat quickly and they are NOT in any particular order:

Acute strains & spasms, upper/mid/lower back pain, sciatic pain, neck pain, whiplash, shoulder pain/frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury, fibromyalgia, muscle cramps, digestive problems, stroke, stop smoking, prostate problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal exhaustion, chemical sensitivities, flat feet, colon troubles, auto-immune conditions, old emotional baggage, drug additions, sexual dysfunctions in men and women, eating disorders, all unknown conditions, Candida Albicans, and much more…

Using Jing to treat, works on many levels… the physical, emotional, and spiritual. Plus the healing takes place in your past, present and your future. When I remove the emotional cause of your illness, discomfort, or dis-ease, all the symptoms that are related to that emotional cause also immediately disappear. These changes are dramatic!

My treatment specialty is to correct muscular-skeletal problems and depression and the emotional sources that cause most pain. These problems might appear as low back pain, neck pain, muscular stiffness, joint pain, limited mobility, recurring athletic injuries, chronic and acute unknown pain, stroke, weakness, fatigue, and many old injuries VERY QUICKLY.

I treat the same kind of problems one might go to a physical therapist or Chiropractor for months of treatments or 20 office visits. The difference is I can do it in an incredibly short period of time.

My goal is to fix you QUICKLY and get you back to your normal, active daily life.

I believe in ethics based wholistic treatments. That means, “getting the most done in the least amount of sessions.” This approach is unique and gives the fastest relief at the least cost. Most of my patients see dramatic results on the first treatment. I believe in giving a great healing service and getting many referrals from HAPPY PATIENTS.

I treat using my Jing. “Jing” is my cultivated and accumulated internal power that manifests as a strong, detectable healing vibration. That’s what makes my treatments more effective and faster than most other practitioners. Unlike many others who want to make as much on every patient, my goal is to make you better fast.

This is not a new marketing scheme to get in on the “Wellness / Integrative / Complementary / Alternative / Wholistic Medicine Bandwagon.”

I am the “real deal” with over 30 years of experience “fixing” people. I help all the hard, freaky, strange, and impossible conditions that nobody else can. I invite you to my office and to experience how great you really can feel.

One of my recent patients said the most unusual thing that she noticed as a result of being treated by me is that she is “happy.” I call this “Bulletproof Happiness.” Don’t you deserve to be happy too? The sooner you call, the sooner you will get better. Right now is a good time. I look forward to it!

Nationally call: (800) 782-4244
Locally call: (312) 446-8218