Welcome to THE MOST FUN CHI KUNG/QIGONG “INTERNAL KUNG FU” SYSTEM in he World, combining Chi Kung/Qigong (Chi Circulations) & treatments for incredible serious results putting me light years ahead of everybody else.

These practices are the most important practices in all internal kung fu. Learning Tai Chi without these practices is a false start. Begin with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. It’s contains what you’re looking for in Tai Chi.

My Chi Kung is the ONLY Chi Kung practice worth learning in America. It’s all about PERSONAL POWER. I’m organizing a June PERSONAL POWER TRAINING™. If you want in, let me know A.S.A.P. Request the PPT Brochure. I’ll email it to you.

I’m a Wholistic Health Practitioner and I practice HUMAN ENERGY MEDICINE. Request my HUMAN ENERGY MEDICINE BOOKLET. I will do everything I can to make you better… Things that nobody else can or will. I also treat “freaky” conditions. Call me to discuss your specifics.

NEW LOCATIONS! The Hinsdale Experiment (HIRED BY LIARS) at Aesthetic Medicine Center has failed terribly! I got fed ZERO PATIENTS. They lied and broke all their promises.

Make direct contact with me to make your appointments at: Clygar@gmail.com. Or call me at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244.

Watch these Emotional Liposuction Treatments. Book NOW!

Youth is wasted on the young, but energy cultivation is never lost! Chi circulations, Jing cultivation, and anti-aging nutrition can create the fountain of youth inside your body!

I feel 35, and I’m far from it. You can put the brakes on your aging clock.

Then you can infuse your body with huge amounts of fresh energy and begin to cook it.

It all starts with Tidal Wave Chi Kung which is included in Mind Light Nei Kung. These practices combined with anti-aging supplements will dramatically improve your energy and aliveness levels.

It only takes three hours to learn my Chi Kung system done one time. Then you do The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine. It will be the best 3 hours you’ll ever spend.

Slowing and eventually stopping your aging clock is possible but it requires daily work.

I am the only acupuncturist that uses JING on my patients. Book your appointment NOW!

You are invited to my CHASING THE JING GROUP:

When you chase The JING, you start with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and progress to Mind Light™ Nei Kung. When you learn these practices, you will yangize everything about you. You will change your constitution, get healthy, become vibrant, and have more vitality then ever before.

When I use phrase “Have more energy, I am not only referring to lasting longer in your daily activities. This also means having more energy surging through your body. I am the only teacher in America that focuses on creating your internal vacuum as The Starting Point, but it is the main theme during all the subsequent practices.

Without Condensing Breathing there will be no progress in circulating your CHI, which leads directly to cultivating your JING. Request The Chi Kung Bible for FREE.

Make direct contact with me at: Clygar@gmail.com. Or call me at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244.

Most Chi Kung teachers teach “calm down, relax, and take it easy.” That’s not me. My Chi Kung is to cultivate your INTERNAL VIBRATION AND POWER.

Cliff’s Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung & Mind Light™ Nei Kung Testimonial:

This is an important Nei Kung Intro:

JOIN “THE INTERNATIONAL JING CHASERS CLUB” FOR INTERNAL LIFESTYLE DEVELOPMENT! Stop wasting your time, money, and hope. You have reached your Internal Kung Fu Final Destination. This program is designed to bring out The Alpha Male you were always meant to be. This involves attitude, sexual energy, perfect projection skills, more condensing then ever before, diet, etc.

Sexual Superman Training is related to this. Call me to talk about taking your position.

LEARN TO PROJECT YOUR WILL. This is an extension of your ability to create your internal vacuum.

Hear about Acupuncture Facelift. Book NOW!

My Chi Kung method is unique and powerful. I have 3 DVD Programs that are “Start-up” videos. They are Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, Mind Light™ Nei Kung, and 5-Element Constitutional™ Nei Kung. Call me to discuss your perfect option.

(Under Construction, please call)
Macro, Micro, Nano Vibrations at the speed of light! 186,282 miles per hour


Illness can’t reside where the Jing presides.

Disease attack
Health promotion
Psychic/Spiritual defense
Injury rehab
Stroke rehab
Vibration creation
Vibration acceleration
Soul center collection
Boundary creation
Boundary protection
Mojo creation and projection
Foundation creation
Foundation reinforcement
Blockage reduction
5-Element reinforcement
Specific Elemental Tonification
Joint rehab
Targeted organ support
Endurance training
High reps/low variation training
Specific performance enhancement
Sexual Superman Training
80:20 Quiet Rule
Consumer vs. Producer

Every time I join a Tai Chi/Qigong group, I outshine the host and the rest of the members. It’s O.K. to be the brightest light in the room. Study with me and you can become the bright light too.

What’s the difference between Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and Mind Light™ Nei Kung? Call me AFTER you watch this clip.

What makes my Chi Kung & Nei Kung Practices better than all the rest? CONDENSING/MAXIMUM COMPRESSION! It’s all about becoming INTERNAL, not just learning forms.

Personalized programs options are available for each JING CHASER. Build your INTERNAL TOOLBOX.

My Chi Kung method is unique and powerful.

Power-up your personal practice regardless of who your teacher was. Become a Warrior! Contact me to discuss your specifics.

Personal Production
Youth & Vitality
Spiritual Stabilization
Mood Control
Mental Clarity
Laser Decisiveness
Focus/Attention Span
Thought at the speed of light

Most of the other Tai Chi and Qigong teachers teach basically the same generic material. What I do is completely different. My system is completely organized and prioritized.

I teach Temple Style Tai Chi on Skype, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 10:30PM CST, in my living room and on Skype. Call to get in.

The Emotional Liposuction Treatment is the Silver Bullet that thousands of people are looking for. Especially if you’ve been chasing Chiropractors, PTs, and other “Healers.” One treatment is was most people need. Book your appointment today and feel better TODAY.

Watch Frank Ferrante’s Emotional Liposuction Treatment.

Watch Frank Ferrante’s Emotional Liposuction Testimonial a week later.

Thanks to Frank. Visit and go see www.MayIBeFrankMovie.com

Watch Chicagoing, the show that made The Emotional Liposuction Treatment famous. The Bill Campbell Show, Chicagoing 2006:


Why I won’t go to China? Because of how the Communist Government treats Falun Gong Practitioners. (Copy & Paste) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlDjgzFJNoQ


Learn The Ultimate Self-Healing Nei Kung Program. 5-ELEMENT INTERNAL NEI KUNG lets you treat yourself. Everybody’s raving!


It’s Back-To-Basics Season. Get your Chi Kung BEEFED UP! Call me.

All you have to do is follow directions. I took all the guess work out of becoming INTERNAL.


Since there are so many lame Tai Chi teachers out there, I am considering teaching a TEMPLE STYLE TOTAL PUSHING HANDS Skype class. Any interest? Email me. GJC

Register for The Treat With Jing Training Workshop in June 2018. You must compete Tidal Wave Chi Kung and Mind Light Nei Kung PRIOR to learning my treatment practices. Get the requirements done IN ADVANCE. Request the outline.

Since I practice all day long, you can meet with me. Call (312) 446-8218 and Skype me to make your arrangements right now! I’m always ready. Schedule your sessions today. Practice with me on Skype: Clygar

Comments are good, even from bitchy assholes. Email me and I’ll send you The Chi Kung Bible! VISIT MY BOOK COMMENTS. Most great, some LIARS.


PERSONAM POWER TRAINING™ PRIVATE is a two day private seminar geared toward YOUR specific goals. Call me to talk!

If you register for this upcoming PERSONAL POWER TRAINING™ I will give it to you for the price of the Tidal Wave Chi Kung Program.

Email me for the PPT™ Brochure and the PPT™ Personality Profile Prep-Forms. Make direct contact with me at: Clygar@gmail.com. Or call me 24/7/365 at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244.

This includes the November PPT™ for FREE and the Emotional Liposuction Treatment also for FREE. Register NOW! Make 2019 GREAT! Register today, get the DVD today. Practice and get cleaned up in the workshop.


Every Tai Chi, Taiji, Chi Kung, Qigong student that ever took a class or a seminar present themselves as an expert. Eight Brochades and Silk Reeling can be learned in many books.

These Traditional practices are WORTHLESS and are of ZERO importance when cultivating your JING (Internal Power).

That’s why everybody knows this material and nobody ever cultivated their personal vibration through these methods. Hell, I even learned this from a book before I was ever exposed to Tai Chi.

Don’t waste your time, attention span, interest, inspiration, and especially, your hope. The methods I use are all directed at cultivating your JING. The secret to cultivating JING is, “The Mind Training Over The Structure.”

Simply put, it’s MAXIMUM COMPRESSION & EXPLOSION that whip up your vibration, and I am the only one teaching these valuable practices.

Condensing Breathing is the ONLY place to start. Wake up and reach your potential. Learn Condensing Breathing, Part 1 and Part 2, from the videos below. Cultivating your JING can start today.


Take the Mind Light™ Nei Kung Vibration Challenge. Learn “The Real Thing” that is not even available in China. These practices are unique, powerful, and completely organized. All you have to do is follow directions.


All 3 of my Start-up Programs (Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, Mind Light™ Nei Kung, and 5-Element™ Nei Kung) begin with Condensing Breathing. You can manage your moods with these practices.

5-Element Nei Kung is the best personal healing practice on the planet! Don’t let the other Chi Kung/Qigong teachers put you to sleep. These practices will help you adapt to the season changes.

Distance is NOT a factor. Age is NOT a factor. Skype has made the world a very small place.


You CAN become a high level internal kung fu practitioner including Gold Bell (Repulse Power). These methods are the most direct and efficient method to cultivate FAH JING (Exploding Power).

I can help you design the flavor of your personal practice and hone your projection skills.

Cultivate your micro currents and human energy waves. My system is completely organized for that purpose. It all starts with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and Mind Light™ Nei Kung. Order here!

Ask about my Jing For Life™ Program. This is for serious practitioners only. Call me 24/7/365. (800) 782-4244 or (312) 446-8218.


Every time I touch somebody, their life changes. Other health practitioners rarely send me referrals because my rate of healing improvement is too fast. It makes THEM look lazy, incapable, and dishonest.

The reason people get better so quickly from my treatments is about intention. I use my Jing (internal power) on everybody I treat. I’m on your side.

Everybody’s out of gas. It’s not about balancing. It’s about refilling. What others talk about, I actually do. My goal is to get you better as fast as possible. This is what everybody is seeking… Patient centered care, Personal Energy Medicine.

Control your mood swings. Stabilize your energy levels. Stimulate your inspiration. Develop self-excitement!

Nothing beats the human healing vibration. When you increase your human vibration everything speeds up… Your thinking processes. Your healing speed. Your decision making ability and more… I have it and I use it!!!

I am enrolling students for my Treat With Jing Treatment Workshop. Get the JING!

ANNOUNCING! The FAH JING DEVELOPMENT DENSITY PROGRAM is currently being created. Yes there are requirements. You MUST develop “millimeter power.” The first thing I have to do is organize your practices. Start NOW!

With the seasonal change, it’s now time for regular Black Diamond Nei Kung practices. We must adapt our practice internal environment to our external environment. Contact me to make the switch.

Three years ago, inspiration hit me to create my 5-Element Internal Nei Kung Self-Healing DVD Program. It’s powerful. It’s cool. It’s unique. It’s available. You really can treat yourself. I am offering 5-Element Nei Kung instruction on Skype. Call me about it!

I am not just a repeater. I am an innovator. This innovation comes in the form of organizing, compressing, and the creation of sub-sets. These sub-sets allows each student to shorten the learning curve to self-mastery.

I know all you guys are looking for a way to prime your compression pump. I am the only Tai Chi Master in America teaching these concepts and practices.

There are four places to start. 1) The Emotional Liposuction Treatment, 2) Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program, 3) Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD Program, 4) 5-Element Internal Nei Kung™ Program. Everything else requires completing Chi Kung first. Order here!

I now have two locations to get you better fast… Tinley Park and a North Side Chicago Office. I am North on Wednesday and Friday afternoons by appointment. I do treat PTSD and torture survivors.

Directions: 4533 N. Kedzie Ave., 60625, near the Irving Park exit on 90/94. Drive East to Kedzie Ave., go North 5 blocks.

Make direct contact with me at: Clygar@gmail.com. Or call me at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244.

I am also offering Private Personal Power Training™ and Personal Power Development Consulting™, Chi Kung, Nei Kung, and 5-Element Clean-up and Coaching with Practice Sessions at both locations.

I take my rank, position, and responsibility as a Temple Style Tai Chi Master very seriously. This is your last chance to learn REAL TAI CHI CHUAN from anywhere in the world.

Can’t get to the temple? Bring the temple to you! Call for your Trial Temple Style Tai Chi class. Class is on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 10:30PM CST. This Tai Chi class is for very serious students. Email me and request the Tai Chi System outline.

Cultivate your Internal Life. For new people, there are two places to start. If you’re local, The Emotional Liposuction Treatment is the most important step you can ever take. The second starting options is Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. Watch the following clips!

Watch The Emotional Liposuction TV Shows:

Watch my most recent TV show and call me! It’s in parts so you can enjoy me in small doses.

Part 1 – “The Energy Man” Interview 2012 Click!

Part 2 – “The Energy Man” Interview 2012 Click!

Part 3 – “The Energy Man” Interview 2012 Click!

Part 4 – “The Energy Man” Interview 2012 Click!

Watch This 7-Minute TV Interview: Emotional Liposuction™ = Pain Gone! (Part of 3 & all of 4) Click!


JOIN THE INTERNAL KUNG FU LIFESTYLE™ TODAY! If you’re tired of the way you/ve been, an option is available.

I can help you where and when nobody else can. It’s all about The Human Vibration and harnessing your WILL. Everybody comes to me to learn to circulate your human vibration at the speed of light for the speed of life. Call me to talk about what’s waiting for you!

Personal Power Development Consulting™ is now available in 2-Day or 2-Month Formats and it’s all available face-to-face or via Skype. Become the center of YOUR universe and harness your WILL.

Let me help you become the best you can be. Everyone has heard of Life Coaching. Anybody can clean your closet… What I do is way more serious than that. Stabilize your change!

Get Tools For Today™. Regularity. Accountability. Discipline. Predictability. Routine! I’ve done a 3-hour interview process that has been compressed into The Personality Profile.

To learn Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung Practice takes only 3 hours. After that you continue with The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine.

Performance. Deservingness. Self-esteem. Email me and I’ll send it to you.

To instantly reach me: Clygar@gmail.com. This is THE ONLY email that works. You can PayPal me directly at Master@chikung.com for payments only. I’m in Tinley Park, IL.

Enter The Chi Kung Lifestyle where 28 minutes a day can improve the rest of your day. The days you practice will be better than the days that you don’t.

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is the perfect preventative medicine. It takes only 3 HOURS to learn and 28 minutes a day to practice. It’s available via digital download and DVD.

I am ORGANIZED! Creating your HUMAN VIBRATION is the key to VITALITY. Compression (Atom – Condensing 2) and Explosion (Infinity – Popcorn Fusion) is the key to your strong Tan Tien! It’s fun to feel your VITALITY. Learn to snap your internal rubber band.

Fill your Chi tank today! Three hours is all it takes. Stop your aging clock at 30 years old. Turn it back and slow it down…

To instantly reach me: Clygar@gmail.com. This is THE ONLY email that works. You can PayPal me directly at Master@chikung.com for payments only. I’m in Tinley Park, IL.

Tan Tien is generally considered one of the most highly regarded aspects in most martial arts. (Korean TKD = Tanjun, Japanese Karate = Hara, Indian Yoga = 2nd Chakara, etc.)

Rarely will you find a Tan Tien Specific Development Plan… Most teachers just mention it in passing. This is serious!

When I designed The Tan Tien Routine I chose practices for the direct purpose of cultivating Tan Tien. I hand picked practices and created new ones to forward that goal. This will be taught as High Reps/Low Variation fashion as in Temple Style.

The Tan Tien Development Plan can be practiced by ANYBODY regardless of previous experience, Masters and Novices alike. It includes Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program as the first step.

Call to ask questions 24/7/365. I am the only Master that loves taking phone calls.

Thank you Mantak Chia for all the students you have prepared and motivated for my system. You new guys will appreciate my simplicity and directness. Just follow directions. Think in terms of weeks, not years.

Learn The Tan Tien Routine via Skype. Call me to arrange this!

Learn to project our Jing with your mind. It’s all designed in specific steps. This system is perfect for serious students, beginners and Masters alike. Outlines available.

INTERNAL POWER CULTIVATION THROUGH EFFICIENCY! Practicing Mind Light™ Nei Kung will burn and fortify the power pathways in your body. Pathways are different than meridians. Let your vibration surge through your body! Your boredom will completely disappear and never come back.

It’s funny that there were only two apparent sources to learn Nei Kung. John Chang, which is a fake name, with a fake story, in an inaccessible location, and me, whom you can call 24/7/365 and actually speak with… I guess we know why now.

Nei Kung News! I was just told that my primary competition, John Chang of Mo Pai at age 83, died a few years ago. That makes me the only source for Internal Nei Kung in English in the World. Request my Mind Light™ Nei Kung program outline.

You can become an Internal Master. It’s a big job, but the path is clear. Nobody else has geared their system towards developing your JING. Call or Skype me 24/7/365.

You have to live in this body. You might as well have some fun in it. Develop your Tan Tien. There are only a few places to start. Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, Mind Light™ Nei Kung, or 5-Element Internal™ Nei Kung. Get started TODAY!

Here’s my short intro to the revolutionary new 5-Element Internal Nei Kung! It’s the perfect preventative medicine approach for a lifetime. Doing the 5-Element Nei Kung is like an internal vibration massage on yourself.

GET THE JING! Start with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung or Mind Light™ Nei Kung. The FIRST STEP in developing your INTERNAL POWER is to DEVELOP your COMPRESSION/INTERNAL VACUUM! Without it, it’s all pointless. This means “Energy Accumulation and Storage.” That is my specialty. Everybody else is faking it. Read my GET THE JING Page.

Click here for my YouTube Channel!

This is absolutely the most effective and efficient method to cultivate your JING. Cultivate and tune your personal vibration. Feel free to call 24/7/365 at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244. Right now is a great time to call. Do you want a pleasant surprise? Yes, I mean it. Now you can reach me on Facetime at Clygar@gmail.com.

My self-improvement tools were created by me through thousands of hours of personal practice. When I created my systems, the Chi Kung World was boring, calming, and inefficient.

All the teachers were teaching the same sleepy material, Eight Brocades and Silk Reeling. No Condensing. No Chi Circulations. No Projecting… The need was there and I was ready to fill the void.

I created Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung (1983) because nobody was teaching empowering practices. Request The Chi Kung Bible PDF.

I created The Amazing Emotional Liposuction Treatment (1987) because mankind needed it. Request the 2006 Sun-Times Article PDF.

Of course destiny compelled me to create Mind Light™ Nei Kung (1999) because it didn’t exist. You know what to do PDF.

These 3 creations were designed at a time when society needed them. Thousands have been helped, trained, and yes, saved.

I did not borrow, copy, or steal anything from other seminar leaders. I am an American Original. I create change out of nothing…

You will be self-contained because you’ve worked with me. You will never become a seminar junkie. By incorporating The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine from Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, you will consistently be supporting your own personal intentions by simply pushing PLAY. You don’t even have to memorize it!

Everybody talks about creating change, but they really don’t want to. They all talk about “self-improvement,” but nothing ever happens. Mediocrity Hates Exceptionalism. Lack of initiative is a contagious disease. Initiative and deservingness are what everybody needs to create change…

Here’s a new testimonial! “I did Emotional Liposuction with Gary, and it was the most transformational twelve minutes of my entire life.” Tim Fairbank, Chicago

It’s not about The Collective. It’s about becoming a shinning star. Improve your personal tool box, upgrade skill set, and achieve your goals and dreams.

I am now accepting Personal Power Development Consulting™ Clients. Call to inquire!

ABOVE IS PRIMARY. BELOW IS SECONDARY. The ONLY place to start is with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung…

*****I am attempting to organize and organize my site*****

Protection and Destruction Mojos are available on Skype. There are 2 kinds, Single event and ongoing. Call for your appointment.

Fly-in for the most effective treatment geared at removing Negative Underlying Belief Systems. I am a “Change Agent” and really shake things up. My approach is original and completely different than Tony Robbins.

My method of self-improvement does not rely on complicated, dressed-up, convoluted theories. It’s about developing a physical base in your body using Tidal Wave Chi Kung and The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine. It’s about energy, vitality, and human vibration.

So another IT guy told me I have too much info on my site. This is NOT the feedback I get from my new students and patients. Twenty years ago, I made a conscious decision to put out as much information as I could. I still believe this is the right way to info people.


With all this commotion about health care, everybody is missing the point. It’s all about Sick Care. Prevention is the key and my Chi Kung System is the valued path. I’m talking about Self-Care and it is done on a daily basis. The 28-Minute Daily Practice is more valuable than what Washington DC is fighting about. Start Today!

Last time I used KETO//OS, I lost 20 pounds WITHOUT trying. This time I’m using it to repair my knees for my February 2016 70 MPH car accident. Weight loss, anti-inflamatory, fasting metabolism, and making money, etc. I am already feeling and moving better.

After two weeks, my knees are much better and my weight started trending down, not up. I just weighed in at 250.5. Not much you think? It’s only my first week.

You can also visit my nutritional support site at: CellHeaven.com

I just met 2 women that lost over 80 pounds each. There was also a man there that took off 40 pounds. These people shed all these pounds WITHOUT TRYING. Yeah, I’m next… I already feel much better and so can you.

You can become a product user and don’t need to become a representative, but you can. Call me NOW! (800) 782-4244.

I will also be available for Nutritional Consultations either face-to-face or Skype.


The 5-Element Internal Nei Kung DVD Program is extremely healing, that’s self-healing. Taking care of yourself is no small task. You can take 20 years off your beaten body. Invigorate all your systems with the tonification benefits of 5-Element Nei Kung.

To be more specific, the effects are improved blood circulation, relieved joint stiffness, upgraded martial art flavors, postural corrections, and of course FUN.

Change your future with these Perfect Preventative Practices. The great thing about all of these Nei Kung practices is you get better as you get older, not declining as you get older.

After completing this program, you will have 7 options of what to do daily depending on your mood, your available time, and your personal preferences. Call me to discuss your personal possibilities.


Hire “The Party Doctor” for your Emotional Liposuction House Party!


This is the rarest, most valuable Secret Treasure of Tai Chi Rolling Hands, not Pushing Hands, that no other teacher even knows, yet alone, can teach. This is the perfect compliment to grappling, striking, and throwing arts. These practices will improve your close range applications immediately. The Hurricane Roll Hands DVD Program is ready to order!


Watch this Distance Power video. This was a rare event, but this is a clear demonstration of the application of my personal Nei Kung ability. These practices are taught on my Tidal Wave Chi Kung & Mind Light Nei Kung DVD Programs. It’s back to basics time.

ANNOUNCING! I am currently accepting private students for Mind Light™ Nei Kung and 5-Element Constitutional™ Nei Kung on your schedule. Call me to discuss the difference and what is best for you. Call NOW!

The Inspiration/Acceleration Routine is the perfect thing for “advanced practitioners.” This routine compresses the 5-Element Constitutional Nei Kung Program and it’s FREE. Heal yourself! Spend time cycling each element.

Everybody learning Tai Chi asks the same question. “How do I know my teacher is good?” This is the right question to ask. Most Tai Chi teachers only took a class, and just learned The Form. Learning this way his does NOT make them good, ever. It only makes them a Tai Chi Parrot. The trouble with Tai Chi Parrots is, they get worse with every generation.

So do you want a cracker or do you want Tai Chi? Now you do have a choice. I’ve been teaching Temple Style the same way since 1978. I opened Freedom Academy in 1979 and have never lost a detail. Temple Style Tai Chi is the Global Standard.

Study at The Int’l Temple Style Internal Kung Fu Academy! Classes on Skype are on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 10:30PM CST. All levels are invited! Beginners and Masters alike. I wanted to do this in 1995. Limited class size so you can get personal attention. Watch these original demonstration clips!!! Nothing has changed.

First TV Interview 1982, Part 1:

First TV interview 1982, Part 2:

I am The Only Tai Chi Monk of my generation. I am the torch bearer for Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan. All I do is practice 6-10 hours a day so some of this time can be spent with you! Join me for your daily practice.


Call me right now with your questions and to register….

The Vibration Connection… It’s not about forms and never has been. It’s always been about Human Vibration! If you want to feel good today, you’ve gotta practice. If you want to feel good as today, tomorrow, you’ve got to do it all over again.

These classes are starting February 1, 2017!

You don’t need to know Tai Chi to learn this valuable material. It is FUN. It’s Martial Art. It’s what every martial artist need! Contact me to get in or find out more! Gary J. Clyman

Hurricane Roll Hands DVD is done!!! – Incl. 6-Parts & 5-Parts RH & as if this material was a rare enough it includes the Rarest Roll Hands Meditations. The DVD is finished and ready to ship for $1,000. Order NOW!

*Ongoing – Mind Light Nei Kung Corrections Workshop, Wednesdays at 6:30-8PM CST. These are key practices that connect your personal vibration to your physical body. These two sub-sets are the most valuable practices in Temple Style Tai Chi. This is The Super Review you’ve always wanted.

Treat With Jing Training (TWJT) Workshop includes structural corrections and the Emotional Liposuction Treatment, June 2019 TBA. My Chi Kung and Nei Kung Practices are required PRIOR to enrolling in the workshop.

Private Sexual Superman Workshop on Skype. Call for your appointment.

All services are available face-to-face and via Skype.

Linkage Exercise Group TBA and NEVER need to see a Chiropractor again.

Please if you have questions or a preferred time for any of these events, just call me to arrange it. Gary J. Clyman

I’m known as The Mojoman (not because I play Blues) and can be hired to place Protection and Destruction Mojos. There are two kinds of Mojos available, One-time and Extended. This skill I have been using for the last 30 years and it is an extension of many thousands of hours of personal practice.

I also created The Mojoman Routine DVD to teach this skill. Tidal Wave Chi Kung is required prior to learning this material. Just call or Skype me to talk 24/7/365…

To instantly reach me: Clygar@gmail.com. This is THE ONLY email that works. You can PayPal me directly at Master@chikung.com for payments only.

The most common comment I hear from EVERYBODY is that they all look forward to the next practice session. EVERYBODY!

Please feel free to make direct contact via Skype & Twitter = Clygar

*** MY NEW LOCATION *** Tinley Park (Southwest Suburbs).

I am treating and teaching at 16816 Riverside Dr., Tinley Park, IL 60477. I will be teaching Temple Style Tai Chi for all levels, ASAP. I have a huge backyard. Register NOW! I can pick you up at the Metra Station.

Tai Chi Announcement! I will be teaching The Hardest Tai Chi Class in America on Skype starting October 1st. Classes will be on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights at 12 Midnight. I can only fit 9, so contact me immediately!

I want to make my Private Consulting and Instruction Services available LIVE or Skype and get busy. Call me to find out what best suits your needs.

Would you like to BECOME A SEXUAL SUPERMAN? Well, you can! It all starts with my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program. Call or Skype me for details and the outline. I’ve got the JING JUICE and you can get it too. It’s totally organized!

For past and current students, Macro™ Nei Kung Private Instruction is now available LIVE and on Skype. Learn to integrate your cultivated internal vibration (Jing) into your body.

Special Note! I am giving a Personal Power Training in July 2017. Register NOW!

Click here for my YouTube Channel!

Back to the basics is the ONLY place to start. Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and/or Mind Light™ Nei Kung are the starting points. Three DVD programs require ZERO experience. Order here!

Here’s an overview of all my DVD Programs:


A new Emotional Liposuction Testimonial! Yesterday I spent 8 hrs together with my mother at a musical festival. Not once did I feel pain from her. Not once did I feel like ending the evening early because I felt overloaded with pain from her. I actually was physically tired and exhausted but not from pain. Just from dancing and partying.

That is fucking amazing. I had the most fun with my mom yesterday that I ever had. We don’t have the pain that we used to have, that would make being together unbearable. Now my mom is best friend, not someone I avoid. She is someone I cherish. Thank you so much!!! God Bless you, Gary J. Clyman – Bradley


Here’s the list of all my DVD programs which are DIGITIZED for INSTANT delivery.

1) Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung (Required)
2) Mind Light™ Nei Kung (Required)
3) Big Wave™ Internal Kung Fu
4) Open Fire™ Internal Kung Fu
5) The Linkage Exercises™
6) Black Diamond™ Nei Kung
7) The Macro Nei Kung™ Program
8) The Mojoman Routine™
9) 5-Element Constitutional Internal Nei Kung
10) Hurricane Roll Hands – The Best 2-Person Practice Program in America
Hurricane Roll Hands is perfect for anyone who ever studied ANY martial art!


Self-discipline, concentration, focus, and Personal Power are what my practices offer you. How could your life be different?

I am currently accepting Personal Power Development Consulting™ Clients geared toward specific goals and projects.

Do you have a project that you wanted to complete? Is there something you’ve lacked the focus or attention span to get started?

That means you can be supported during a business upgrade, career change, and/or transition/lifestyle change. The Personal Power Development Consulting™ will shorten your progress time dramatically.

Call me to discuss which best suits your specific needs. Let’s whip up your internal vibration!!!

Personal Power Development Consulting™ for 2 months $10,000
Private Personal Power Training™ – 2 Days or 8 Sessions $3,000
Chi Kung DVD/Skype Combo – Weekly Personal Tutoring $1,500
Chi Kung DVD – 3 Hours Done Once. 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine $800

Also available, Tai Chi for serious students.

Activate your internal mojo. Get The Juice! It’s all about The Mind Training ans Cellular Communication. I am accepting PRIVATE PERSONALIZED VIBRATION TRAINING students. Let your surge begin!

I can lead you through Weekly Sub-Set Practices and balance your personal practices. We can clean-up and personalize Nei Kung practice.

Everything I practice and teach is geared toward cultivating human vibration. You have three optional starting points. 1) Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, 2) Mind Light™ Nei Kung, or 3 optional) 5-Element Constitutional Nei Kung. Make today important.

Everything I teach contains seamless and interconnected practices. Three DVD programs require ZERO experience. Order here!

Get your ultra vitality!!! No previous experience is necessary to begin these 3 programs. It’s all on DVD and I can email it to you immediately so you can start today! Results come immediately! Forget the rest. They’re faking it. This is the REAL thing!

Variation and cycling your sub-sets and practice materials are important to your personal progress and development. Call me for your special attention.

Start with the BASE PRACTICES. Learn The Mind Training to create your vibration. This is HOT! These BASE PRACTICES are what separates my from my wimpy competition. Monthly Skype training available. Call me to talk 24/7/365 at (312) 446-8218. Do it now!

Make an appointment for your yearly or seasonal treatment for mechanical and emotional support. You decide when you need to see me.

Starting NOW! Temple Style Tai Chi Class for all levels, Wednesdays at 7, Saturdays at 11. Call for your FREE trial class.

Coming January 13-14, 2018! Register NOW! This PPT will be a BIG deal. Learn to extend your personal influence.

The upcoming Personal Power Training will be in January 13-14, 2018!. Register today and I’ll send you my Chi Kung DVD NOW!

INITIATIVE IS ALWAYS WHAT’S MISSING. This is the key to unlock your personal will.

You will actually learn TWO DIFFERENT ROUTINES. This is exciting!!! Don’t miss this opportunity.

You are invited to my 2-Day CHI KUNG/PERSONAL POWER TRAINING™ November 5-6th from 10AM-6PM in Chicago! Make a BANG!


I am up for PRIVATE INSTRUCTION! Call me to discuss your options.


I just did a JOB INTERVIEW as an acupuncturist. They told me they’re looking for someone LESS ACCOMPLISHED. All these places are looking for someone who NEVER helps their patients. I am for YOU, not the billing department.


* Private 5-Element Constitutional Nei Kung Instruction Starting NOW!
On YOUR Schedule. R.S.V.P., ASAP!

I have been asked questions about 5-Element Constitutional Nei Kung.

I created this program after over 40 years of hard, consistent, intense daily practice. 5-Element Constitutional Nei Kung is my own personal creation. I’ve been cultivating and organizing these awesome practices for many years.

Let me explain the uniqueness of 5-Element Constitutional Nei Kung. This was designed to CHANGE YOUR PERSONAL CONSTITUTION. Your Constitution is/was responsible for your health history.

If you’re tired of things the way they are, you need to take an important step in reformatting your Constitution. You can learn to Cultivate, Accumulate, and Circulate an Enormous Amount Of Chi/Life Energy.

This Includes Standing and Sitting Sub-Set Practices. The practices are Highly Organized Into Manageable Sub-Sets. It’s designed to Tonify, Stimulate, and Balance all yin and yang meridians and organs by following the 5-Element Acupuncture Tonification/Supply Cycle.

This Provides 5-Element Internal Organ Massage and stretches the muscles and joints to reduce pain and discomfort. You can Self-treat and balance your own 5-Elements and emotions.

The Water Element was incorporated to lubricate, cleanse, and create a gentle energy flow in the body and around the body.

If you’re tired of things the way they are and you want a major breakthrough, 5-Element Constitutional Nei Kung is your ticket.

No Previous Experience Is Necessary To Appreciate These Practices!!!

This program is available multiple ways… Private Instruction, Skype Instruction, and of course via the DVD Program.

Feel free to contact me to schedule your conversation! Gary J. Clyman


To reach me: Clygar@gmail.com. This is THE ONLY email that works.

FULL SPEED AHEAD!!! Learn how to design your PERSONAL POWER! I’m up and open for business at the NEW location. Come visit me!

Build your foundation – Change your constitution! Build your Internal Kung Fu Foundation through your personalized training program. Redesign yourself!

The starting places are… Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, Mind Light™ Nei Kung, or 5-Element Internal Nei Kung. All these programs are Start-Up Programs and no previous experience is required.

Sessions, private lessons, treatments, Whole Body 5-Element Self-Healing, and classes are ON at “The House.” Call me to put your petal to the metal at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244!

The new address is 16816 Riverside Dr., Tinley Park, 60477. With convenient driveway parking.

Directions: Take The Dan Ryan Xway (94) to I57 toward Memphis, EXIT 167th St. and go Right – WEST to Oak Park Avenue. Turn LEFT (South) at the next street Tinley Park Ave., take a QUICK RIGHT to Riverside Dr. Look for the address on the right. There are lots of hotels in Tinley Park, IL.

I’ve got “The Hands Of Hope, The Best Hands in the Chicago Area!” I heal with my cultivated human vibration. New patients can call me today and see me tomorrow! You want help? I want to help you!

All available via Skype. Classes are ON. Here are your options. Sign-up NOW!

Do you feel like you want more control of your life? Is your toolbox missing the right tool for directing your personal GPS? Personal Power Training™ is that tool.

1) Quarterly Personal Power Training™ Workshops, July 23-24th, 2016 is next! This workshop will contain The MOJOMAN Routine…
2) Temple Style Tai Chi Weekly or Monthly Clean-up Sessions With DVDs
3) Mind Light Nei Kung Foundationals Weekly
4) THE 5-ELEMENT NEI KUNG Weekly Instruction
5) Chi Kung Daily Practice Routine Mastery Sessions On Demand
6) Monthly Mojoman Routine Seminars
7) 5-ELEMENT Self-defense

Get ready NOW! Induce INITIATIVE! Call about the most exciting practice, The Inspiration/Acceleration Routine!


5-Element Acupuncture Meridian Balancing Is Now Available Upon Request At A Special $150 Price (No EmoLipo).

5-Element Nei Kung $10,000 for Private Instruction.

Grand Opening Special $6,500 = $5,000 Privates PLUS DVDs. This is The Natural Progression To Energy Creation!

Start Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung! You’ll get energy, concentration, and focus. That leads to deservingness and embodiment of your Personal Power! The upcoming Personal Power Training will be in April 29-30, 2017. Register today and I’ll send you my Chi Kung DVD NOW!

Treat With 5-Element Jing including Vibration Adjustments and Transferring Elementally Designed Specific Patient Exercises. Eliminate stagnation. Start NOW! Call me 24/7/365 for the details.

Phase Two: Elementally Designed Specific Patient Exercises.
Phase Three: Treat With Specific 5-Element Jing! With Added Projections!

This entire skill set begins by learning THE 5-ELEMENT INTERNAL NEI KUNG PROGRAM and getting good at it.


Join the VIBRATION School of Internal Kung Fu, the most direct way to get your JING. Cultivate your INTERNAL VACUUM.

Ask about the 5-ELEMENT MARTIAL ART Applications Instruction In Person or on Skype. This is NOT about Tai Chi forms. It’s about “cellular vitality,” “embodying and expressing” the elements.

Join (TSO) Temple Style Organization and The National Assn. of JING Practitioners.

Instructors can learn to teach THE 5-ELEMENT INTERNAL NEI KUNG PROGRAM at your school.

Learn 5-Element Internal Alchemy via DVD, Privates, Workshops, and Skype. Call (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244 to speak with me directly!

I will be leading/teaching The Linkage Exercises which are Taoist Longevity SELF-TREATING Stand-up Chinese Yogic Practices. This will be after class on Saturdays and will be included with your monthly tuition. It’s on DVD and available via Digital Download. You will NEVER need to visit a Chiropractor again.


Design and personalize your Internal “Mind Training” Foundation Practices for your level. This will be done in a group setting and privately.

It’s just like paying for monthly Tai Chi classes (1970’s), except now you’re paying for FOUNDATION PRACTICES (2016 and beyond).

This short clip explains my 9 DVD programs and THE Nei Kung Bible.

Here’s the list of DVD programs. All are available via digital download IMMEDIATELY: Here’s the list!

To so many martial artists out there, 5-ELEMENT NEI KUNG can make you feel vitality that will make you feel like SUPERMAN! It’s totally REVOLUTIONARY.

You can practice this material all day long. It’s FUN. It’s exciting. It’s awesome. Increase your intention. I do 6-10 hours everyday. Ask about The Inspiration/Acceration Routine. You’ll love it!!

I take my responsibility as Internal Kung Fu Master very seriously with the opening of my new location. Most Private and Group training is available via Skype.

I will be offering a wide variety of specialized services and private instruction such as these!

1) Vibration Training
2) Chi Kung Daily Practices
3) Nei Kung Fundamentals
4) 5-Element Nei Kung
5) Weekly 5-Element Constitutional Acupuncture Balancing Treatments
6) The Linkage Exercises
7) Emotional Liposuction Treatments and Training
8) Mojo Creation and Projections
9) Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan
10) Pushing Hands and fighting applications, etc.

Call me about my Personal Practice Management Service for serious practitioners.

I am offering 3 kinds of monthly memberships. Call me to determine what fits your needs best. Call me at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244 to discuss your possibilities. Interview with me on Skype at Clygar.

Register now for the Tai Chi class starting at the new location and I will send you my Tai Chi GOLD DVD entitled Foundation Fundamentals so you can get a jump start on the class.

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung will NOT be required to do Tai Chi.

I’m offering a Grand Opening $1,000 Discount off both Master Clyman’s 5-Element Nei Kung and Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD Programs. This is the most important and exciting material I’ve ever created.

I have the best hands for fixing PHYSICAL complaints like hip, shoulder, rib, low back, joint pain, and cramps, falls, and accidents just got cheaper to fix. No more repeat visits to your Chiropractor. Get here quick.

I am so excited about re-opening my Chi Kung/Nei Kung/Tai Chi Academy, and at my age. The Internal Mind Training has progressed to take on the 5-Element Flavors. Anybody can learn these practices with ZERO experience. Learn about 5-Element Inspiration Routine Call for the details.

I will post 5-Element Nei Kung typed and video testimonials here: 5-Element Internal Nei Kung Page Coming soon: www.5element.NEW

To reach me: Clygar@gmail.com. This is THE ONLY email that works.

I am opening a new JING/ENERGY PRACTICE AND TREATMENT CENTER first floor location very soon! It’s a few blocks off the Eisenhower (290), East of Central Ave.. Classes are starting NOW and will be moving to the new location.

My YouTube Channel is locked, so the Featured Video to the right, is good for 4 PPT™ Workshops per year (Jan., Apr., Jul., Nov.). -> -> -> -> -> ->


PRIVATE STUDENTS ARE WELCOME. All of my 9 DVD programs are now available via digital download.

If you’re sick of feeling sluggish, heavy, uninspired, sleepy, running slow or on empty, you need to practice Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung like thousands of others. Do you feel a need to influence your situations?

Condensing and the Chi Circulations are the base of “The Mind Training Practices.” I am the only one teaching this material in America. Call me 24/7/365 at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244 with your questions!

Circulating your Chi feels AWESOME. It takes only 3 hours to learn the entire Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung System. The Chi Kung Daily Practice Routine only takes 28 per day. The days you practice will be better than the days you don’t.

You can order my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program and I’ll email you the digital download IMMEDIATELY: SHOP at the 1st clicker


CHI NEWS 1! Register NOW for the Upcoming 5-Element Nei Kung TWO-DAY Workshop and Weekly 5-ELEMENT NEI KUNG weekly classes. Call me for registration and pricing.

CHI NEWS 2! Classes Starting in Temple Style Tai Chi near OAK PARK. Separate classes for beginners and Masters.

Beginners class will be Saturdays, 10-12 and Wednesdays 7-9PM. I will also consider a 2-Person Practice Class and Tai Chi Fighting for all levels. Advanced classes by appointment. Register NOW so you’re ready.

CHI NEWS 3! I will offer a regular Tidal Wave Chi Kung Daily Practice Routine and Nei Kung Practice Sessions. I will also offer Chi Kung Private Sessions LIVE, face-to-face and via Skype.

CHI NEWS 4! I will offer Weekly Sessions of The Linkage Exercises as a stand up yoga class so you never need a Chiropractor again.

CHI NEWS 5! I lost 18 pounds without trying…

I offer a special price for Monthly Unlimited Combination students.

CHI NEWS 6! I’m in This movie!

Hi Gary,

I’m writing you to inform you that we have worldwide distribution for the completed Sticky: A (Self) Love Story, the world’s first feature documentary on a subject that touches us all: masturbation. You made the final cut of the film. We have started to update everyone in the movie as to where people can watch and purchase it www.StickyTheMovie.com.

BTW, I am the only anti-masterbation opinion in the movie.

We hope it will be available on Showtime and or Netflix by May of this year as well. You can also now join our mailing list a keep up as we start adding events like College Tour Screenings as well as limited theatrical screeners around the U.S. based on interest and demand. Hopefully, this will get you some great cross promotional opportunities as well. Kind Regards,

Nicholas Tana, Writer/Director
Sticky A Self Love Story – Masturbation Documentary Movie


Do you need inspiration, that internal push? Can you imagine practices that will build your vitality, internal vibration, and spiritual tenacity? The 5-Element Nei Kung is unique and stand-alone, in a class of its own. There are now two places to start!

Everything I teach and practice starts with Condensing and Chi Circulations.

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung or The 5-Element Nei Kung Programs are both designed for beginners and Masters alike.

It’s new location time! I’m even considering a Tai Chi class. Email me and I’ll tell you where.

MASTER CLYMAN’S 5-ELEMENT CHI ACADEMY at ChiKung.com. I offer Personal Power Training™ Workshops, Tai Chi classes, Chi Kung/Nei Kung practice sessions, 5-Element Nei Kung Groups, and Mechanical, Acupuncture, and Emotional Liposuction Treatments and Workshops.

To reach me: Clygar@gmail.com. This is THE ONLY email that works.

Who did I create The 5-Element Nei Kung Program for? Call me and I will enthusiastically tell you personally.

The most common question that I have ever been asked is, “Where do I start to cultivate my personal vibration?” The answer has always been the same since I created Tidal Wave Chi Kung in 1983. This was true until NOW. With my most recent creation, The 5-Element Internal Nei Kung Program, the beginner now has two options.

The second most often asked question is, “What is your favorite practice?” This answer is a little more technical. My personal favorite practice is BLUE sub-set from Mind Light Nei Kung. BLUE sub-set is one of the most powerful, valuable, compressed, and efficient practices from Temple Style Tai Chi.

BLUE sub-set along with GREEN sub-set, is the base for all the mind training/chi circulations. When these two sub-sets are good, all your practices will be awesome.

BLUE sub-set is done to leg tolerance which means it takes a long time to complete. The purpose of BLUE is one of the foundation sub-sets that should be learned prior to learning The Four Mind Light Nei Kung Routines.

Call me right now at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244 to talk! I actually look forward to your call. How about a package deal for ALL my DVD programs?

Both Tidal Wave Chi Kung and The 5-Element Internal Nei Kung include what’s necessary to create your Internal Chi/Energy Foundation and allows you to make enormous progress.

These 5-Element Nei Kung practices really change your physiology and energy vibration flavors. If you’ve been teacher shopping, class sampling, YouTube searching, and waiting for the right move, This Is What You’ve Been Looking For! This is a program geared at self-healing.

This is like nothing that has ever been taught. These are the most exciting practices ever! Wait until you feel the incredible Chi sensations when you do The 5-Element Practices! The 4 DVDs are ready to ship and I can email you the entire program instantly! Order now, practice today.

How would you like to have the most fun possible with your clothes on? Well, you can! Learning, practicing, and perfecting The 5-Element Internal Nei Kung Program is the most direct and FUN way to Cultivate Your Jing, Circulate Your Chi, and Refresh Your Personal 5-Energies!

Feel the surge of The 5-Elements and alter your constitution. Heal yourself quickly. Develop vitality and happiness quickly and it’s totally organized and in REAL time. Every single practice is explained and practiced for the right amount of time.

After one has completed the sitting and standing INSTRUCTION SECTIONS, I have created a variety of practice sessions. The practices are coded. If it’s a ONE, it’s standing. If it’s a TWO, it’s sitting. Some are longer and some are shorter.

The version of The Daily Practice Routines you choose will enable you to manage your personal practice into your day. All the routines are based on the INSTRUCTION SECTIONS.

When you concentrate on the INSTRUCTION SECTIONS, you should take your time. The better you absorb this material, the more you’ll appreciate the variations of The Daily Practice Routines.

Since I am so rare in Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan, I organized THE SYSTEM so it could be learned more efficiently. Tidal Wave Chi Kung and Mind Light Nei Kung came from the Tai Chi System. The 5-Element Internal Nei Kung Program came from me. This material I was never taught. This was born from my personal practice.

Call me right now at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244 to discuss how The 5-Element Constitutional Internal Nei Kung Program can help you! Order it today. Start learning tonight! I can send it to you immediately via digital download. Request your FREE 5-Element Poster that we are currently creating.

Don’t miss this exciting ride, the most exciting ride of your life. Gary J. Clyman

Early in my Temple Style Tai Chi career, I developed the ability to embody and project these flavor, character, and essence of each element. As a Tai Chi student I was never taught how to flavor my practice with the specific elements. It came to me naturally because of my thousands of hours of focused, personal practice.

Now over 40 years later, the perfect 5-element training has been created. The program is complete and I am ready to accept Private 5-Element students via Skype. Go view the 5-Element Nei Kung Outline: 5-Element Internal Nei Kung Outline

What’s the difference? Tidal Wave Chi Kung is small and was designed for everyone. I designed it because there was no program that taught the collection, refinement, circulation, and projection of your personal energy. At the time, this was as revolutionary as possible. Thousands benefited from my creation.

I’ve often been imitated, but never duplicated. The difference is that I am the original, the real thing, and the survivor of my Temple Style Tai Chi generation. Understand that The 5-Element Nei Kung Program did NOT come from Temple Style. It came from me.

Now as to the second answer… With the creation of The 5-Element Internal Nei Kung Program comes a new and exciting option for Masters and novices alike. This creation came out of many thousands hours of personal practice. In the past, most 5-element references were usually geared towards Hsing Yi. Here’s the 5-Element Nei Kung Outline: 5-Element Internal Nei Kung Outline

I’ve been practicing this new material, every day all day long. I just got an idea! Why don’t I make it available to all of you prior to me putting it on DVD? Do you want to get started right away and I do mean right away? Get in touch with me and we’ll work it out. Thank you.

I’ve been hard core practicing and teaching Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan from the World famous Master Waysun Liao since 1974. If you’re serious about wanting THE JING, you’ve come to the right place, the only place.

I opened my school in 1979 and built my website in 1995. I still practice many hours everyday so you don’t have to.

Learn to CIRCULATE YOUR CHI! Start with these 2 DVD programs. This is how to establish a stable INTERNAL FOUNDATION. All my more recent DVD programs come after you have completed both Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and Mind Light™ Nei Kung.

I am the luckiest man in America. You can feel like Superman. Skill deserves recognition. You can do this!



Hey Guys, my 5-Element Sample Clips are DONE. I already received an unsolicited testimonial. Request it!

THE 5-ELEMENT PROGRAM is the most exciting, thorough, and unique program I ever created. Through these practices your body with transform and your Chi will transmute to The 5-JINGS going through The Supply Cycle. Catch the rush as you switch.


Please Note: This 5-ELEMENT PROGRAM is based on and refined from “The Mind Training” practices from Mind Light™ Nei Kung and is EXTREMELY INTERNAL. I have been intensely been working on this for the last 5 years.

This program is a START-UP PROGRAM and includes the most important internal practices. That means NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.

There are Special Chi Circulations super-imposed on these practices. Each practice session will be closed with a Special Sitting Routine designed for this program.


THE 5-ELEMENT PROGRAM is done and it’s AWESOME!!! It is available now for $3,000.

Contact me for your FREE Personal Skype Sample Practice. You will love these practices! Call then Skype (Clygar).

I am also available to teach THE 5-ELEMENT CONSTITUTIONAL PROGRAM ON SKYPE Private (Preferred) or Group (Doubtful).

This practice will give you BULLETPROOF HAPPINESS. Yeah, no kidding! Call me at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244 NOW!


Theses testimonials are about my “mechanical skills.” It’s not luck or a miracle. It’s SKILL. Here are two hot new treatment testimonials. Make your appointment today:

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is the first step to getting your JING. This practice will make you feel GREAT!

Watch my new System Overview 10.15.15. The last one was recorded in 1980, 3 years before I created Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung.

Wouldn’t you really like to feel great everyday. You can avoid the sick-care system and all it requires is 28 minutes a day! You can order my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program at: SHOP at the 1st clicker

So many sites talk about Taoism, but it’s just theory, with ZERO practices. This is the place to learn Internal Kung Fu, Tao Kung, Inner Alchemy, Serious Taoist Internal Practices, or whatever else you want to call it. It all starts with CHI CIRCULATIONS! This is what you are looking for!

All the other teachers talk about Chi as a concept, calm down, relax, take it easy, blah, blah, blah. NEVER will you hear these words come out of me.

There can be no EXPLOSION until there is COMPRESSION/INTERNAL VACUUM. I am famous for this!

The FIRST STEP in developing your INTERNAL POWER is to DEVELOP your COMPRESSION/INTERNAL VACUUM! Without it, it’s all pointless. This means “Energy Accumulation and Storage.” That is my specialty. Everybody else is faking it. Read my GET THE JING Page.

These are the coolest, most FUN to practice, super vitality energy cultivation practices in America… “Perfect practices for a lifetime.” Ask me about THE SPECIAL DEAL for all my 7 DVD programs.

There are boring Chi Kung/Qigong classes, books, and tapes everywhere. I’m the only INTERNAL KUNG FU SPECIALIST of my kind. I made my choice in 1983 for you… Let me run my JING through you. Before me, this option didn’t exist.

These practices are pure excitement, because every time you circulate your chi, you move your personal vibration, frequency, electricity, spark of life throughout whatever body part your mind practice goes through.

You see, not only do you feel good when you’re doing it, you feel GREAT when you’re done. Each video program prepares you for what’s to come. The power builds on the power!

I realized nobody would work as hard as I did so I created the Sub-Sets. I am the opposite of the old Chinese Master that wants to die with all his secrets. My Chi Kung and Nei Kung are unique. It’s all about cultivating your VIBRATION and FREQUENCY.

I’ve got enough material for you, working hard, for the next 10-20 years, not because it’s hard or hidden, but because there’s so much and it’s so highly organized. All this with ZERO Tai Chi ever required! You will NEVER be bored again!

It’s all designed to establish a stable INTERNAL FOUNDATION. All my more recent DVD programs come after you have completed both Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and Mind Light™ Nei Kung. All this with ZERO Tai Chi ever required!

All these practices are based on COMPRESSION and EXPLOSION of your JING to raise your FREQUENCY and VIBRATION. Chi Circulations all start here! You’re ready for “Mind Over The Structure” Training. No more boring forms.

Most of my recent DVD programs are based on COMPRESSION and EXPLOSION. Call me to get started, 24/7/365 at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244. There’s no better time than right NOW!



How often do you come close but still fall short?
Is your health stagnant or are you struggling to maintain?
Do you have the feeling that someone is out to get you or like someone has been wishing you ill will and has put a curse on you?
Do you need protection or possibly need to block actions against you from your family, ex’s, or enemies?
What is a Mojo:

If you are paying me for a Protection or Destruction Mojo, click on Initial Consultation and Treatment for $250. Just click my $250 clicker and explain at: SHOP

If you require a Mojo with ongoing residual effects, pay me $500 and I’ll keep it on simmer.

Because of the time, travel, and scheduling details, The Mojoman Workkshop is on The Mojojman Routine DVD. You must be comfortable with The Tidal Wave Chi Kung 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine prior to learning these practices. You can purchase both programs at the same time.


New Testimonial! I am 82 years old, studied Tai Chi with Gary in 1982-84 and quit. Recently I purchased his Chi Kung Program and I love it. Next I purchased his Big Wave Internal Kung Fu DVD Program and I love it even more. Thanks. Jane A.


Everybody is looking for the edge. Better, stronger, healthier? What’s your wish? That means clearer thinking, faster processing, being a few steps ahead… Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung will do this for you.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was the personal performance coach to over 100 commodity traders and brokers. Most of them increased their functional skills and abilities quickly that lead them to increased income, proficiency, and social recognition.

I was “the secret weapon” at the Board of Trade and the Merc. The results appeared quickly.

Never settle for less again. You can get and keep the edge! Having Personal Power is awesome! Release that tiger that’s sleeping inside you… These concepts were created by me in the early 80s. Raise your deservingness through these incredible energy practices… Start having great energy filled days.

The message remains the same as it was for commodity traders. You can use Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung to increase your concentration, focus, and internal discipline. If you have questions, contact me directly!

Beat your competition, even if your only competition is yourself. Thousands have been using Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung for just this purpose. Get more energy for life! All you have to do is PUSH PLAY and follow directions. The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine is all you have to do to have great days.


Other Chi Kung teachers talk about curing disease, calming down, relaxing and taking it easy using Chi Kung. I don’t say any of that. Since my Internal System specializes in CHI CIRCULATIONS more than anyone else in America, which makes my system the most effective and efficient.

Here’s the most important INTERNAL Kung Fu lesson you will ever learn and I put it up for FREE. Use this for Prostate Health.

Condensing Breathing, Part One:

Condensing Breathing, Part Two:

You really can learn to circulate your Chi at 1,000 circulations per breath, which is the speed of light. Order THE Nei Kung Bible and I will email it to you immediately!

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is the best method of PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE. Stay out of the medical system! Forget the Health Care and Sick Care Scams. You need to stay ahead of the health curve with PREVENTION, that is Vibrational/Energy Medicine.

Organic food, clean water, cleansing, and nutritional supplements are all important, but NOTHING will boost your energy levels like CULTIVATING YOUR VIBRATION. Take a giant step or a baby step TODAY! Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung or Mind Light™ Nei Kung are my traditional steps, but THE MACRO NEI KUNG PROGRAM is pure excitement.

You’ve been searching for a Chi Kung System that WORKS!

Great Reasons You Should Practice Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung!

1) Have more energy
2) Kill your depression
3) Turn up your metabolism
4) Modulate your immune system
5) Never be sick again
6) Become a positive energy magnet
7) Strengthen your legs and core
8) Improve your martial art skills
9) Develop bullet proof happiness
10) Never be tired or bored again, ever!


Listen to these show that explain “Mind Training Over The Structure.”

The Best Chi Kung & Nei Kung Radio Show Ever, Part 1

The Best Chi Kung & Nei Kung Radio Show Ever, Part 2

I just recently presented some unique features and sub-sets from Temple Style Tai Chi on Podcast. It all starts with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung! The Gary Clyman Show – BlogTalk

If you want your life to change, it all starts with doing The Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine. Harness the tiger within you!

Boost your health status in a few weeks with my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program. All my practices only require a 5X4 foot space. That means any room, office, basement, or large closet will work just fine.

No travel, scheduling, monthly tuition, evasive teachers, or excuses are needed. Just PUSH PLAY!

Click here for my YouTube Channel!

Here is a shortcut to my (soon) YouTube Channel at VIDEOS

All Temple Style Tai Chi will be on my Nei Kung Page at: Nei Kung

Where should you begin? Start Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and get your JING! There are NO secrets, just systematically organized serious precise skills. This is included in my Nei Kung Program. You can order my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program at: SHOP at the 1st clicker

Do you want “Vibration Acceleration?” ORDER Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD PROGRAM TODAY at SHOP at the 13th clicker. Skype me (Clygar) 24/7/365 to discuss your possibilities. Unlike the other Chi Kung “teachers,” I actually enjoy talking to people. This is the most organized, powerful, easy to follow energy producing program in America. These practices will teach you cellular communication that leads to increasing your frequency and personal vibration. Listen to my radio shows!

Use this email ONLY! Clygar@gmail.com. Use this email ONLY!

*FREE STUFF! Email me and I will send you The Chi Kung Bible, THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One and Chi Kung start up video instruction clips! FREE STUFF!*

Here’s the remarkable Colman story:

It is truly SPOOKY how GOOD and how FAST you can FEEL GREAT wherever you start with treatment or training! You can become a human energy producing machine. Become an energy magnet. Flip your switch. Cultivate your INTERNAL VACUUM today!

Energy and attention thieves been ripping you off? If you’re tired of others stealing your juice, my practices are exactly what you’re looking for…

Twenty years ago I personally fixed Joe Vitale face-to-face. His future at that time was very depressed and dismal. So that makes me a primary source of the concept behind The Secret. I don’t get the credit but my Chi Kung students recognize the base for this concept.

I am The Original! When I look in the mirror, I see Gary Clyman. When Joe Vitale and Matt Furey look in the mirror, they see Gary Clyman.

Emotional Liposuction™ Treatment sucks out negative belief systems, Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung replaces the negative with much healthier positive options. Stored emotions can be the source of your pain!

A new Emotional Liposuction testimonial:

On January 17th, of this year, I went to Chicago, IL. to meet Master Gary Clyman. The work that I had done is called, Emotional Liposuction. You can Google or YouTube Gary Clyman, and find out exactly what Emotional Liposuction is all about. I will just speak about my experience.

A few years back my good friend, Ed Montgomery, called and asked me what I knew of Gary Clyman. I knew of him. Knew he was a Chi Kung / Tai Chi (also a Shuai Chiao guy, I found out from my visit) practitioner, and that he was good. So Ed, goes on to tell me that he’s going up to Chicago to get this Emotional Liposuction (E.L.) work. I went on to ask a million questions about E.L. So after Ed, had the work performed, here’s how our phone conversation went:

Me: So, how do you feel?
Ed: Awesome, just a little sore.
Me: From the drive?
Ed: No, from the E.L.
Me: WHAT??
Ed: Man, it hurts.
Me: Wait. You mean to tell me that by this man removing certain stored emotions from your body, has made you physically sore?
Ed: Yes

I can go on, but you get the picture. I wear a necklace, that has a Bulul (A Northern Philippine statue) on it. That evening, it kept hurting my sternum. When I finally took off my shirt to look at what was hurting, I saw that I was bruised. I also saw a few smaller bruises around my rib area.

Teacher (Gene Chicoine) would occasionally talk about Chi Gung Masters. He would say that there are maybe two or three in the world. He would also talk about how most of the so-called “Chi Kung Masters out there”. He knew ten times as much about Chi Kung as they did.

One day at my school a gentleman came in to inquire about classes. He introduced himself to me and handed me his business card. When I read on the card: Chi Kung Master. I immediately looked him in the eyes and said, “You’re a Chi Kung Master” with a grin on my face. A year or so later that same student said to me, “Sir, you know as much about Chi Kung as I do.” I replied, “And I know nothing about Chi Gung, so what does that tell you?”

I’m the kind of person that is comfortable around anyone, but I found good comfort when I met Gary Clyman. He has a way about him that places you at ease, and you feel and have complete trust and respect. Much the same as when you know you’re around a great fighter. Thinking back, I have heard and known about him since the early 1980’s.

When I finished my treatment, Gary asked me how I felt. I said that I didn’t know. Then he asked if I felt “Light”. I told him that I did, as I felt as light as a feather. Afterwards while walking the streets of Chicago, I felt as though I could cross major streets with only two steps.

Whether or not the treatment erased emotional baggage that has been stored and carried since birth, or not…doesn’t really matter. What matters is this “Lightness” that has seemed to attached itself to me. Seems everything is “ok”. There are no real problems in the world and everything is fine. If things go this way…great. If they go that way…great.

He also told me to watch how I begin reacting to things. I have taken mental notes on “How I react to things”, and I have to say, I am so freakin calm now-a-days. Sure there are still annoying people in the world, but they just don’t seem to annoy the same anymore. It’s very difficult to describe.

Teacher never taught weapons, but there are 72 weapons in the Chinese Martial Arts, and he had a real good philosophy about weapons training. “Say you train with a bo staff or sword for ten years. If you added up the hours over those ten years, you would have probably spent two solid years practicing with a weapon that you’ll probably never use. What if you did that with your techniques?” I have always adhered to these words.

Master Gary Clyman’s weapon of choice is his Chi Kung, and he has been practicing (and developing it) for over 40 years! You never know, until you experience, but one thing I do know for sure is this…on January 17th, 2015 I met one of only 2 or 3 Chi Kung Masters in the world. I am honored and blessed. Steve

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung contains these concepts in The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine. This practice impregnates your future…

I call my mechanical, energetic, manipulation, and acupuncture practices PERSONAL ENERGY VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE™. Call me right now 24/7/365 (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244 to see what will benefit you…

Under ALL circumstances you must create your energetic base. TIDAL WAVE™ CHI KUNG is ALWAYS the place to START… Your choice is one of two purchases.

1) TIDAL WAVE™ CHI KUNG or 2) MIND LIGHT™ NEI KUNG and the choice is yours. The Chi Kung is INCLUDED in my Nei Kung DVD Program.

Start Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and get your JING! There are NO secrets, just systematically organized serious precise skills. You can order my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program at: SHOP at the 1st clicker

ORDER Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD PROGRAM TODAY at SHOP at the 13th clicker. Skype me (Clygar) 24/7/365 to discuss your possibilities. Unlike the other Chi Kung “teachers,” I actually enjoy talking to people. To all my Nei Kung students, the Post Green Extension DVD is ready to order.

I live every Kung Fu Master’s dream. I achieved my JING in 1979 after years of hard training and still practice all day. I worked hard and made it easier for you to learn. I await your call 24/7/365 at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244 right NOW. So what are you waiting for?

There can be no expression before there is compression. The FIRST STEP in developing your INTERNAL POWER is to DEVELOP your INTERNAL VACUUM! Without it, it’s all pointless. This means “Energy Accumulation and Storage.” That is my specialty. Everybody else is faking it. Read my GET THE JING Page.

Start Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and get your JING! There are NO secrets, just systematically organized serious precise skills. You can order my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program at: SHOP at the 1st clicker

You want AWESOME RESULTS? Think days, not months to see, feel, and experience dramatic, measurable results. Learn to live your life full of INSPIRATION, ENTHUSIASM, AND EXCITEMENT. Where’s your passion? Condensing Breathing is what’s missing!

Just like Condensing Breathing “densifies” your intention, “Sink Jing and Uproot Jing” densifies your physical movements. This is taught in my Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD Program. Don’t be fooled by the $35 videos. You’re not buying disks. You’re paying for workable knowledge and I am the only source of this…

Lately I have been doing a lot of Emotional Liposuction House Parties. Sometimes this also includes me treating for faulty body mechanics. Usually people visit their Chiropractor for these complaints. The difference with my treatments, it usually only requires ONE treatment. I have the best hands in Chicago and have been doing this part of my practice since 1974. Call me to discuss your options.

So what’s in the Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung Toolbox and what are effected? These tools effect Body Mechanics, Vitality, Spiritual Protection, Sanity & Clarity, Illness Recuperation and Spiritual Rehab. Manage your emotional states by modulating the energy waves created inside your body. Every time you successfully make it through one of life’s challenges, your faith in your practice will be stronger for the next one that presents itself.

When you’re at your wits end, you need to Intensify Your Influence. The Art Of Projecting Your WILL feels like you’re “floating ping pong balls” with your mind. Rightful Recall™ is a practice for “calling back or stripping away” energy that was not paid for, earned, or deserved and belongs to you. The longer you practice, the more precise, specific, and powerful your Rebounding Projections will become.

Here’s The BLACK DIAMOND™ NEI KUNG “Inside Form” 18-Minute Daily Practice Routine. This is NOT instruction. That’s on my BLACK DIAMOND™ NEI KUNG DVD PROGRAM. Read my GET THE JING Page.

If you would really like to learn how to do this in detail, you would have to learn the material in the proper order. The material is totally organized in a specific order. First you learn the Tai Chi Forms as the base forms, next you learn Mother Meditation from Mind Light™ Nei Kung, and last but not least, you will go through the instruction section for BLACK DIAMOND™ NEI KUNG “Inside Form.” This 18-Minute Daily Practice Routine comes last.

ORDER Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD PROGRAM TODAY at SHOP at the 13th clicker. Skype me (Clygar) 24/7/365 to discuss your possibilities. Unlike the other Chi Kung “teachers,” I actually enjoy talking to people.

Gold Bell Training, which I am famous for, is what everybody wants to learn from me. That means BOUNCING PUNCHES OFF! Look for my demo.

Learn “PROJECTION” skills. So many applications come from Projection Skills, way too many to list here. This is related to “harmonic fields.” This is exactly what everyone is searching for, but only I teach.

This is the ONLY PLACE to LEARN and MASTER Chi Circulations, really! You can GET THE JING! Rev your jets! Jump start your vibration and frequency. Circulate your Chi at the speed of light. I am the only source. Practice for the pleasure and the results will appear.

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is the best method of PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE. Call to discuss your options! This is the most organized energy system practice in America. You can order my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program at: SHOP at the 1st clicker

Here’s THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One, that contains ALL my Inside Kung Fu articles dating back to the early 1980s and The Entire Outline Of Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan: Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One

Here’s The Chi Kung Bible that I first published in 1989: Chi Kung Bible, Complete

Fire your Chiropractor and HIRE ME! Bring me your back pain, joint pain, and extremity troubles. Fire your worthless Chiropractor. Why do I say, “Fire your worthless Chiropractor,” because all they care about is HOW MANY APPOINTMENTS THEY CAN GET YOU FOR, not how quickly can get better.

I CAUSE CHANGE AND I WON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY OR YOUR HOPE! Yes, I am The Source. Don’t waste your time or money doing Cub Scout Chi Kung that is suited for your grandmother.

Your healing session all takes place in ONE visit. I use all my skills Chi Circulations, kinesiology, manipulation, acupuncture, Jing Projecting, and my suction power. I treat FREAKY conditions! It’s amazing what can happen when your history is erased. Don’t mean a thing, if you can’t GET THE JING.

Best Hands = Best Results! Call or Skype (Clygar) me to discuss your specifics. Sample practice with me on Skype (Clygar) for FREE!

My most recent EmoLipo Treatments:

Personal Power™ Training PRIVATE Sessions is the format in which I fix Kundalini Illness. I am also the only person that treats Kundalini Illness in America. In fact, I re-named it, “Bio-Chaotic Meditation Syndrome” in 1985.

You want to do something important? It makes no difference where you live! Here’s your chance…

It takes 3 hours to learn Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and 3 months to learn Mind Light™ Nei Kung, NOT years. All my practices are organized into efficient routines and it’s all on DVD. The Chi Kung Daily Practice Routine is only 28-minutes long.

Mind Light™ Nei Kung contains all the INTERNAL practices from Temple Style Tai Chi. It took me 5 years to complete my training.

“Normal Students” can take 20-30 years, or forever, to do what I did in just 5. My DVDs are the delivery system. I am the only organized source for this material in the world. Intention, integrity, and determination make this all possible.

I don’t want to be The Guy. I’ve been The Guy for 40 years. Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is Delta Force, the rest are just the cub scouts. Practice, Talk, Skype, Teach, and Sell DVDs all day.

Health is Wealth. Get rich now! Learn my Chi Kung in THREE HOURS. Raise your DESERVINGNESS TODAY! It all starts with Condensing Breathing. It all ends with Popcorn Fusion. You can do this…

Reach out and touch someone. Learn to use your Chi Kung Projections to influence your situations. I can even clear a house of “evil spirits, bad mojo, and curses.” Yes, I do house calls. It’s sort of a house exorcism…

You will NEVER need to see a Chiropractor again after you do these exercises. These exercises are like stand-up yoga and everybody can do it WITHOUT any Tai Chi or Chi Kung experience. Request my PDF of these exercises. Call me with your questions!

Everyday someone tells me how “rare” I am. I know! I decided to be like this before I opened my first school in 1979. My site’s been up since 1995.

I am The Chi Kung Pioneer. When I started preaching Chi Kung, NOBODY ever heard about it before. I used many names before I decided on Chi Kung. I learned Chi Kung in 1978. Experimented with the teaching format until 1983, and the rest is history.

Here is my first TV talk show that I did in 1982. Watch the video below. We were all young at some point, even me.

Emotional Liposuction Intro Video:

All you have to do is SHOW UP. I’ll do the rest.

This is the best radio show I’ve ever done. My EmoLipo Radio Show… Aging Info Radio: Click here

Please make your appointment and if you wish, you can pay for your appointment at: SHOP at the 7th clicker

End your personal energy shortage with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. I am the future! I am the tip of the spear in Chi/Jing healing, 30 years ahead of the rest. This is where developing your vibration and frequency really matter.

Wake up and discover your life energy! Create your internal vacuum FIRST. Circulate your CHI. Cultivate your JING. Project your WILL! Influence your world. Change your life! Accept no excuses! I’m the only source for this material!

I have zero peers or competition. This is why people study with me from all over the world. If you want “HELP,” let’s do it. Rev up your jets. Order my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program NOW!

Please feel free to call or Skype me (Clygar) NOW! (Updated 7.11.18)

If you are a self-starter, healthy, determined, and young enough to not have excuses to hard work, my Temple Style Tai Chi DVD Program could be perfect for you. My Temple Style Tai Chi DVD Program is quite sufficient and better than most Tai Chi classes, especially the bad ones.

I know there are lots of bad Tai Chi classes going on all over the place. How do you know if your teacher is any good or not? You won’t until you have wasted too much time, interest, inspiration, and money.

Here’s what’s in my Temple Style Tai Chi DVD Program: Foundation Fundamentals “GOLD,” All Forms, 2 Person Practices, and Close Encounters Training. $150 + $200 + $150 + $150 = $650. I will give you all these DVDs for $500. Skype Corrections is available and can be arranged. Order here: SHOP

So go with The Proven Plan. Temple Style Tai Chi is THE ONLY step-by-step way to learn Tai Chi.

Now you can learn Tai Chi from anywhere in the world. I am running a SPECIAL Chi Kung and Tai Chi DEAL. This deal will include Skype corrections. Contact me to find out about this awesome deal. Sign up for Temple Style Tai Chi NOW! The Temple Style Tai Chi Program sells for $650. Skype corrections can be negotiated.

So you want to know about Shuai Chiao?:

The RUSH is on! All my recent media coverage is working! Book your appointment and I’ll fit you in soon.

Treating with my vibration is the key to my success in helping you.

Some of my recent patients have advised me to advertise my excellent manual/manipulation skills to repair and eliminate mechanical problems that most people have. Some common examples are hip pain, shoulder and neck issues, knee and ankle pain, etc.

Call me regarding me becoming your human body mechanic and I will let you know what to expect. Fire your Chiropractor the next day.

Here’s a new testimonial about my manual treatment skills:


I fell down the stairs almost 3 years ago, really messed up my right hip, at first I had a hard time walking, was in pain, felt like a pinched nerve etc. I went to a chiropractor, I would get my adjustments, iced it down, took Advil etc. My hip was not getting better and as time went on, the pain became worse to where I could not sleep. I could not lay down in bed in any position.

So for 2 years I slept in a chair. A year ago today, I was not even able to sleep in a chair. I could not even sleep. I went for weeks with no sleep. I was in extreme pain, when I could walk, I used a walker.

It go so bad that I was in extreme pain that I was screaming and could not stop crying. I ended up in the ER twice. They gave me some meds, I ended up going to physical therapy for three months until my insurance ran out. They said that if I did not get any better that I would have to have surgery.

I did get some relief, but not much. I was able to sleep in a bed, but it was an adjustable bed and I had to be very careful, I had to do exercises when I would get in bed and before I got out of bed, could not sleep without pillows positioned in certain ways and so on, you get the picture… I could not lift my leg up to do anything. On a good day my gate was terrible, I could not walk down stairs by myself or step off a curb without assistance. You seen me…. I still was in pain, but not as bad as a year ago.

I talked to you this past Spring and asked you if you could fix my hip? You said yes, so you asked what happened. You did you assessment, told me what was wrong with my hip, within a minute you did your adjustment. I got up and walked, at first it felt a little different. For about a week it was tender, but I had noticed a difference already.

As the weeks passed, I started noticing the difference in my gate. Today I went to the health club for the first time since your adjustment and realized that I was walking and working out like I was pre-fall. I was walking around like nothing had ever happened. Also, I can sleep in my bed in the downward position like normal people and I only have to use one pillow.

I did 60 laps in the pool today within 60 minutes doing a walk/swim, not bad for the first day.

I highly recommend if anyone is having any pain from a physical accident or whatever, to have Gary check you out to see if he can help you. He really helped me, before I was in a lot of trouble physically, I was at the end of my rope.

Thanks, Gary. Karla Kupres – THE END

I teach “The Mind Training Over The Structure.” This is a BIG DEAL that will change your life!

Learn how to influence your situations and surroundings. This directly relates to your energy, health, wealth, happiness, longevity, friendships, deservingness, and LUCK. Start your Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung practice today.

This is better than Mo Pai because I am a real person, who can be contacted easily, and there are “no levels” to worry about. You get ALL my Chi Kung in ONE DVD Program,

I will use my CHI & JING on you. Get ready for a BIG CHANGE. Even my acupuncture skills combine my Chi Circulations. This causes change!

No kidding! Call me to discuss what’s in it for you… (312) 446-8218

Boost your vitality, endurance, sexual power, assertiveness, deservingness, internal vacuum, vibration and frequency speeds, and FUN.

One of my PPT clients told me, “The difference between you (Gary) and Tony Robbins is, Tony works with what there is, and you (Gary) work with what there isn’t.” Thanks Kevin

Go through The Emotional Liposuction Media Collection, make your appointment, and get here quick. A fresh start with a clean slate is waiting for you!

Here’s The Emotional Liposuction Media Collection:

My Favorite 60 Second EmoLipo Radio Spot in my voice: Click here

My 60 Second EmoLipo Radio Spot in a woman’s voice: Click here

My EmoLipo Radio Show… Aging Info Radio: Click here

Read Chicago Sun-Times Emotional Liposuction Treatment published 1.13.06, that has changed so many lives. DUMP YOUR JUNK AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!

Read Time Out Chicago EmoLipo article published 2006.

Read Chicago Tribune Chi Kung article published 2004.

Getting treated by me could prove to be the most important single action you will ever take! Here’s your Magic Bullet!!


Here are brief definitions of the emotions I remove. Abandonment = Disappointment, Anger = Screw You Energy, Rage = Old Screw You Energy, Bitterness = Screw Me Energy, Anguish = Hopelessness, Sorrow = Bummed Out, Fear = Fear, except I haven’t found it in 4 years.

Restore your ENERGY FOR LIFE™. Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung could the be the key that unlocks your vitality, youthfulness, and PERSONAL POWER.

This is the most organized energy system practice in America. You can order my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program at: SHOP at the 1st clicker

Thank you! I look forward to dramatically helping you. Ask about special combo deals.

The cost of this one-time treatment is $250 for an individual or $400 if you book as second person to get treated. You can PayPal me directly at Master@ChiKung.com.

Does Abandonment, Anger, Rage, and/or Bitterness got you down? Well, you’re not alone. These are “The Big Four” that nearly everybody has.

How about guilt, fear, sorrow, and anguish? These are less prominent, but still commonly found. I can pull them all out in one session! DUMP YOUR JUNK AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!

Text (312) 446-8218 to make your appointment. I will set and confirm it with you. This will be the most important text you will ever send!

If your call goes to voice mail, I will get back to you A.S.A.P. Last time I got hundreds of calls, so leave your message and be ready to book your appointment. This is a very busy time and I will do my best to see you soon. If my cell voice mail is full, you can call my (800) number.

What if stored negative emotions, negative underlying belief systems, or negative voices in your head have been holding you back and causing you pain… Especially hip and shoulder pain for no logical reason, you need to get here now. I call this Mad Human Disease and I’ve helped over 10,000 people.

Conversations never help you release negative emotions. Read this Sun-Times article, think about what changes you want, make a decision, and take this awesome short cut and book your appointment TODAY!

Watch this Emotional Liposuction Treatment video clip:

Watch this Emotional Liposuction Treatment Testimonial:

Watch another Emotional Liposuction Treatment Testimonial:

Watch this Hip Pain Testimonial:

Watch this Finger Injury Testimonial in Cantonese:

Watch this Smashed Face Testimonial:

Watch my TV Commercial with various stories and testimonials:

Even I would admit that “short cuts” are dumb ideas, except I’ve spent thousands of hours practicing, cultivating Chi, circulating Chi, converting Chi to JING, and developing methods of using my JING on others. It all came from practicing 6-10 hours a day for the first 10 years with supervision, and I’m still pushing it!

Well, Emotional Liposuction actually removes the negative emotional energy that holds you back. It takes minutes, not years and there’s nothing to learn. Just dump your junk and move on with your life! How many times do you have to explain your history and talk about your problems?

Also, SEXUAL SUPERMAN™ WORKSHOP is available on Skype.







What if your physical pain is cause by your emotional state? I FIX THIS!

Get in here today. Fire your Chiropractor, acupuncturist, psychotherapist/psychologist,and your massage therapist tomorrow because I have the best hands around!

If you have back pain, shoulder or neck discomfort, or even unbearable hip pain and have not been helped, isn’t it time you got relief? I can fix this all in ONE visit. Fly-ins are welcome.

Why are my hands the best? First of all, because of my personal Chi Kung practice, I have more sensitivity and ability to feel and determine what is wrong with your body. Figuring out the problem comes first. Secondly, because of my personal Chi Kung practices, I use my Chi Circulations to make the corrections. I do as much as I can, as fast as I can.

I’m not trying to see you 20 times or until your insurance runs out. Everybody comes to me to get their mechanical issues resolved and the results are awesome. Get UNJAMMED! Crawl in, dance out!

It won’t be weekly or even on a schedule. One treatment is all it will take. Let me be your body mechanic.

No more worthless trips, waiting rooms, empty promises, and false hopes. Get treated by me and just feel good and find something else to do, like go back to your pain-free life.

Chi Circulations are my secret weapon against your chronic and acute pain. Get here today, and take it easy… after that.

My 60 Second Chi Kung Radio Spot: Click here

Email me your request for my Chi Kung free sample video clips from the top of my site.

My Chi Kung and Nei Kung DVD Programs are the best in America. All you have to do is stay home and PUSH PLAY! I can even do personal corrections on Skype. Skype me @ Clygar!

I’ve got the JING and you can have it too. Just follow directions, and now, it’s all via Skype! My entire business recently converted to Skype. Now distance means nothing except unlimited possibilities and awesome opportunities.

The human energy crisis INSTANTLY ends here! I’ve been doing and teaching Chi circulations since 1976.

Great things can happen to you when you begin to practice. Email request me from the top of this site and I will send you clips to get started TODAY!

Here’s my brief chronology:

Started learning Temple Style Tai Chi in 1974. Started teaching Tai Chi in 1976. Learned Chi Kung in 1978. Opened my Tai Chi school in 1979. Started teaching Chi Kung in 1983. Experimented and created Emotional Liposuction 1985-1987. Recorded my Chi Kung video in 1993. Started teaching Nei Kung in 1999. Switched from VHS to DVD in 2000. Threw out all my VHS tapes in 2012. (Yeah, I know.) Been repulsing full force punches since 1977. Been repulsing women long before that.

This is what can happen when you practice 6-10 hours everyday, instead of 2 hours a week. I’ve had over 100 private paid consultations with my Tai Chi Master during a 2 year period, when most other students never even had one. I was NOT gifted, but serious. When you know what you want and are highly motivated, everything is possible. When you’re serious about your practice, your practice will be serious about you.

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung will do this fast! Take my 3-Day Condensing Breathing Challenge and watch what happens to you and in your life. I repeat myself on purpose.

If you are interested in Private Personal Power Training™ Workshop, read this: Personal Power Training Story

Here’s THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One, that contains ALL my Inside Kung Fu articles dating back to the early 1980s and The Entire Outline Of Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan: Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One

Here’s The Chi Kung Bible that I first published in 1989: Chi Kung Bible, Complete

Let’s discuss “Internal Energy” for a moment. Does having it mean you want to run laps? Stay up late and write a book? Alter your relationships? Be creative and produce more? Feel sexier? Sure does…

But what is not generally understood, is before there is any external applications to utilize the newly created energy, first the Chi must be accumulated, stored, circulated, and after this takes place, then the external applications begin. This seems a little tricky to understand, but if you start to practice Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung the changes are about to come. The INTERNAL energy development leads to the EXTERNAL applications that everybody notices.

Accept my 3-Day Condensing Breathing Challenge and see what changes you can create! Perk up. Develop your Internal Vacuum today.

Read “The JING Article” from Inside Kung Fu Magazine: The Art of Cooking JING

Read Power At The Speed of Light from Inside Kung Fu Magazine: Power At The Speed of Light

Think days, not months to see, feel, and experience dramatic, measurable results. Learn to live your life full of INSPIRATION, ENTHUSIASM, AND EXCITEMENT. Condensing Breathing is what’s missing!

Try 30-minutes of Condensing Breathing everyday for 3 days and see how your life changes. Get ready for the Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung to hit. The Condensing Breathing Video Instruction is mounted below on this page.

Okay, you’ve tried EVERYTHING ELSE… Meditation, exercise, diet, stopped drinking, prayer, New Years Resolutions, divorce, new relationships, others Qigong, boring Tai Chi classes, and none of it ever gives you the effect you are seeking.

Text or call me directly 24/7/365 at (312) 446-8218 first, Skype (Clygar) me second.

There are only two reasons that necessitate coming to Chicago, 1) to receive your Emotional Liposuction Treatment or 2) to get your body’s mechanical issues fixed once and for all. Fire your Chiropractor and Physical Therapist immediately and get to me instead. One visit and it’s gone!

Everything else can be done LIVE on Skype. I can even give you PERSONAL CHI KUNG and NEI KUNG INSTRUCTION at your convenience anywhere in the world.

Because of my Distance Power Abilities, DISTANCE HEALING SESSIONS are available upon request to anytime, anywhere in the world. Skype is NOT necessary for these sessions to happen. Watch my Distance Power video from 1987.

You’ve all heard of baby steps called “Life Coaching?” Well I have been doing the serious version of this for over 25 years. I help with projects, screwed up marriages, new and old businesses, terrible relationships, and extremely freaky situations.

I call this “Private Baby Sitting,” and it is a Two Month INTENSIVE Program LIVE on Skype, and in person. I’ve had only a few of these Baby Sitting Clients, and all of them developed extreme excellence. Yes, this is serious! Call me to discuss your options.

Sponsor an Emotional Liposuction House Party! That’s right, I’ll come to you and your group. Call/Skype me to set this up…

Depression Gone Now!

Depression is often mis-diagnosed. Pills and therapy has been the norm for years...[read more]

Pills Are NOT the Answer

Prescription drug abuse and mis-use in America is booming at an alarming rate...[read more]